The Stranded Covin Family during Snowmeageadon!


Yes, my family of 6 got caught in the snow and had to leave our truck and walk home.  Myself, ODB, and 4 girls…ages 9,7,5 and 8 months.  The story below tells you all about our adventures and why…I AM NOT MOVING UNTIL THE SNOW IS GONE!

So the announcements came that there would be snow in the Atlanta area on Sunday night, but we were planning on being back by then.  Why does out of town travel to see family never go as planned?  I guess the key word was FAMILY.  The girls had a great time at my sisters and moms/dads homes in Fayetteville, North Carolina & Sanford..  At my sisters home the girls have their own room (w/a TV)(Which will NEVER HAPPEN HERE) and two small dogs (one that they had sleep in the bed with them)…after my brother in law locked the dogs behind a gate…my daughters released them with the agreement that the dog sleep with them.  This was an agreement that the adults found out about after we woke up the next day.  They also have a 2 month old cousin who is a little girl named, Zoey and everyone who knows my girls know that a little girl does not have a chance if they are around.(SHE IS ADORABLE SO EVERYONE SHOULD CONSIDER ADOPTION)  My brother in law Anthony is sooo good with my girls that my breast feed daughter, Aydan, would not leave him for my wife in church after being gone for over an hour…ok…I caught some feelings over this…not going to lie, but I held it together.  Now let’s move to my mom/dads home where the girls enjoy ‘BUD’ (a rottweiler dog who was a so cute small puppy but is way to big for them now, but they still walk right past my Dad like he is invisible going to find ‘Bud’)  So my mom/dad are both retired military/civil service computer geeks so they have yes again…(A TV IN THEIR ROOM)  but it gets better…In the family room they have a computer with a flat touch screen, a Wii game with all the extra handles and steering wheels and a 100′ flat screen TV to play it on.  OKAY…it’s not 100′ but it as close as you can get. They had to go bigger when ‘Bud’ pulled the 60′ something inch off the stand and crashed it to the floor.  Must be nice!  Anyway.  Then you have my Dad’s iphone on the table sitting beside his Ipad and to top it all off he has a camera stand with his flip camera in the middle of the family room floor.  I will just leave it at that and not talk about the computer room…oh you thought that was the computer room well it’s not.  I told you they were computer geeks.

So now that you understand just a little of why we can NEVER, EVER, EVER, get out of North Carolina. Throw in the fact that we go visit Simon Temple AMEZ Church with Pastor Brian Thompson on Sunday and he consistently packs out three services to the point where they have to bring in fold out chairs to create extra rows in the front and aisle and on this day is going to be like all the other visits to Simon Temple…Pastor Thompson is going to call my family out by name and give my children extra attention in front of all these people. So I use it as an opportunity to ask him in front of everyone to allow my daughter to participate in the baptism ceremony.  (I figured it would save me a trip and grandma…who works full-time in the church office, can have it as a nice memory)  Of course he allowed us to jump the rail and join the baby parade…I think we brought a couple of others with us too. The baby ceremony coupled with Pastor T makes everything run long and we are standing there at 1:30pm and the snow is predicted for 8pm.  So if we leave now we get home at 7:30…PERFECT!  BUT NOOOOOO! My daughters are all crying how they just want to stop by my sisters on the way out because everyone is going over there to eat and “WE ARE SOOO HUNGRY” Then they want to play the it’s cheaper than eating out.  When have they ever said that to me.   So the ceremony  has also brought my family from St. Thomas VI and this always means more food in the house than is ever necessary.

Now like the true daddy’s girl I am 4x’s that is I choose to stop just to make plates and run but that turns into leaving at 5pm.

Smooth sailing all way to 100 miles out of Snellville on Hwy 20W.  It starts snowing but it is not an issue because I am behind a huge truck and we are moving along at a good safe pace.  I hate driving in the snow by the way.  HATE IT!  Not because I can’t do it but because YOU CAN’T!  I know you and your from everywhere in the world and you have moved to Atlanta and you think you can drive in the snow BUT YOU CAN NOT! You will not slow down and you don’t look where you are going and you take stupid chances…How do I know?  You do the same dumb stuff when it rains.

So thanks for sticking with me…I will get to the good part…I just had to do my American Idol lead up to it thingy.  We finally make it to the Stonecrest Mall Exit and turn right on Hwy 124.  We drive about 1.5 miles and come to a complete stop…RUT RO!  Cars piled on top of each other and emergency vehicles on both sides of the highway.  So we sit, and sit, and sit!  Once I get out a speak to a couple people we all realize if we sit any longer we will be stuck…and I am not trying to do that with the kids in the car…Oh by the way my wife has her phone but I think at this point it was dead and we don’t have a car charger.

So we drive across the median and go back in the direction we came from get back on 20West towards Atlanta…take 285 but on the ramp there are two tractor trailors jack knifed on the ramp.  We are able to maneuver between them by the hair on my chin and get on 285.  Did I tell you I hate this driving in the snow/ice stuff?  We make it from 285 to Hwy 78 and get almost to Stone Mountain Park entrance and see a stranded car…Why I seemed to be a little concerned about this car when I had passed 100 others I am still not sure, but the car had a person inside sitting with the door open and the car was in the middle of the highway.  It also was iced over so it had been there for a while.  I slowed down and saw it was a woman stranded by herself.  I asked what she thought the problem would be and she replied,”My battery is dead!”  I angled the front of my truck to attempt to give her a jump because there were 100 cars sliding across the curve before West Park Exit and I felt like I could wait my turn for that mess.  How about after charging her car for 5-7 minutes…NOTHING!  It was not the battery and I am 5-6 miles from my home.  The sad part is when we jumped the median to turn around we were about the same distance but now we have driven 20 miles to be the same distance.  I told the young woman to leave her car in the middle of the highway and jump in with us.  Why not?  We can be stuck together.  So we are off and now the West Park Exit looks like the Denzel Washington movie…Book of Ely.  I am being pushed from behind by a car and the car in front of me is now less than a car length and sliding…I wish I knew where the guy behind me lived!  UGH!  Passing a Cherokee stuck and only about 20 other cars we make it to the exit.  I want to stay on HWY 78 (because it is a main road…like that matters in Georgia) but my wife, who does not drive when we are in the car together, says to take the side road.  I could hear my pastor saying, “Cooperate with the universe.”  I turned and she was right.  It was pretty smooth even going up the hill I did not want to tackle.  So we get close to the house and the new passenger is giving me directions to her neighborhood.  I had to break the news to her and tell her that I would get her as close as I could, but the great thing was that the woman we picked up 5-6 miles back lived less than a mile from our home .  I was able to drop her off 500 yards from her street.  Bless God!  Now we are turning into our neighborhood, which doubles as San Francisco(because of the hills…and we just happen to live in the very back)  After making the turn I see about 8 cars including trucks that are stuck at the bottom of the hill.  We build our speed up and go past everyone, but then we get stuck in the middle of the hill.  I can not believe we have made it all the way to our neighborhood to GET STUCK!  HEY, I will take it.  The 8 month old baby is sleep.  We must now wake her up and tell her she is going to be taking a crash course in Skiing(neighborhood style)  Now We are all grabbing bags pulling out boots and I am putting on my crocs…don’t laugh.  I also put some sweatpants on top of my suit pants still on from church.  My wife packs the baby in a sling and covers her good and she kisses me goodbye.  I am like…”It’s not that serious.”  She says, “I am not waiting on you and the girls, see you at home.”  She took off and within minutes I could not see her.  So I am left with one suitcase, no hat and using a barbie blanket to cover my head, a pink sparkly make-up bag that Kaylan said she had to have and three girls ages, 9,7, & 5.  I am worried out of my mind because they don’t have a good history with this type of weather.  Dawn attempted to do the one mile FUN RUN at the Reagan last year with them and they did not make it 400 yards.  Little did I know, I was the only one uptight.  The girls thought it was a game that we were stranded a little less than a mile from our home and had to now tackle the snow and three hills that were straight up in the air.(anyone who has been to my house will tell you)  I prepared to run a 10k on Cobb Parkway and never had to leave my neighborhood.  Well the only mess was me.  I was chasing my daughters through the snow yelling for them to get up.  They are wanting to make snow angels and all kinds of other stuff in the snow.  Logan is plowing the street with her feet, all while dragging Kaylan.  I am thinking to myself…these girls are crazy.  They don’t know we are stuck in the wilderness of Georgia.  Only I am noticing that the only streets that have not had one car drive on it in 4 hours are the ones we are now on in my neighborhood.  If we had made it up the initial hill we would have gotten stuck 400 yards away from where the truck was left.  Oh by the way…it is still there.  My neighborhood has to get some emergency plan together because there is one way in and out.  At any rate, we made it to our home and unlike most times we forgot to turn all heating units off…well I did so we have heat on the bottom level.  My wife is there safe and sound with the baby but she has bad news for me.  During her sprint home she lost the little flower that attaches to the baby’s hat. Some new online site she spends money named Etsy.  Now she is giving me that I really need that cute little flower look and I am a great husband but I am not going back out in that snow looking for that flower.

How many of you know I went back?  Well, just like most husbands I am going to say I only went because the computer was not charging and we left the phone chargers in the car.  My bad.  So yes I went back out to Snowmeageadon!  My daughters were like…”Can I go?, Can I go?”  I did not want to deal with the games so I made the trip alone and right before I got back to the truck I saw THE FLOWER.  I got the charger and then even remembered to grab some food from the VI crew at my sisters for my wife to eat on the next day…little did I know it may have to last her a week.   I made it back home and was able to time myself this round because I looked at the microwave before departing and it took appox. 40 minutes roundtrip.  When I arrived home I got a heroes welcome…there was a band playing and children yelling and screaming “Daddy’s Home!!!!” and my wife jumped into my arms and gave me a HUGE KISS for finding her flower……NOT!  That was the scenario I played in my head on my way back.  It was now 2:30am and a trip that should have landed us home at 10pm took much longer but it gave us some memories we will always remember.  I walk by my daughter’s room and they are all KNOCKED OUT!  I get to my room to tell my wife how the girls are out cold and so is she and the baby.

All I can say is Thank you God for a sweet delivery.  Not by my design but again your design is perfect.  I thank you for allowing my family to be redirected and giving us the ability to assist a woman by picking her up and only you knew she needed us to go 20 miles out of our way to get her home safely.  Thank you for always directing our path, but God…THOSE GIRLS WERE HAVING TO MUCH FUN ON THAT WALK!

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    • Well Thanks to an awesome photographer, wife & mommy! You are too kind and we both feel like God wanted us to share some of this crazy life with the world and again…We are just being obedient!

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  1. Leave Atlanta and come bak to the DC area. There will not be another snow like last year’s anytime soon, so you will be safe from driving in snow madness. However, folks are still crazy drivers, so I can’t promise you that commuting will be easier. The house directly behind me is for sale, so snap it up and be my neighbor! 5BR for $94,000! And Dawn, it’s only a 5 minute run from Bojangles!

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