The easy and the hard!


I just received an amazing article from a friend…am I wrong if I say she is white?  Well I have spoken to her and she is okay with me saying it…so you just get over it.  We actually were sharing with each other about raising children and I said something that sparked her memory and she promised she would send me a copy of the article…AND SHE DID! (I told you she was white)…Some of you guys need to learn to laugh a little and get over yourself.  I am not a racist!  Quick…Who do I sound like?

There I go again…off the subject.

Well back to the lecture at hand.  So the article is awesome.  If I did not think she would read this I would just retype it and take credit for it…Naw because I have to add my 2 cents.  But the question at hand…….Why is life so tough?

The answer is…….

It’s not! For most of us, it is very simple…EASY EVEN.  Because we take the easy way out.  Here are a few examples:

Spending is easy, Saving is hard.

Cheating is easy, Faithful is hard.

Public school is easy, Homeschooling is hard.

Sex is easy, Love is hard.

Going along is easy, Walking alone is hard.

Epidural is easy, Natural is hard.

Formula is easy, Nursing is hard.

Reaction is easy, Action is hard.

Pizza is easy, Salad is hard.

Sleeping in is easy, Early workouts are hard.

Watching TV is easy, Reading is hard.

Talking about God is easy, Praying to God is hard.

Getting married is easy, Staying married is hard.

So why is all this true?

Because nothing in life that is worthwhile comes without effort.

Thanks for stopping by…

See you tomorrow.



About offdachainandouttadabox

We are a married couple of 2 with 4 beautiful, smart children, who after 15 years of marriage have decided to join the blog world with a blog that will allow us to present what may be considered to many to be offdachainandouttadabox as it pertains to the areas of marriage, parenting, finances and health & wellness. The offdachain husband will also, against the wishes of his wife, (hence off the chain) post on other subjects from time to time.

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  1. LOVE! I love my not so easy life!!!! I am with this 99% you know I’m still debating this no epidural thing!!!! Not that I’m preggo or anything so wipe your forehead Covin! But I constantly have birth on my mind because marriage and child birth is something I very much look forward to and the older I get the more thoughts I have of giving birth and it excites me. I bug and do a poll on every pregnant woman I know and yes they mostly go with “easy” lol. Hmmmm well I have plenty of time to debate this. Maybe I should train myself to toughen up and stop taking 5 advil a day when I have an ache…..any ache I mean I will pop pills for a paper cut!!!

    • You are a mess! Just have a daily convo with ODB! She is the superwoman of natural childbirth and will be happy to coach/doula you through childbirth…wait…what am I saying? No

      No children for you!
      No dating, no children….Just business

      Stick to business and let us handle the making babies….
      We got that down to a science!
      Congrats on your Hard way though.

      Working for someone else is easy. Working for yourself is hard.

  2. I love this and will have to post it somewhere so I can read it when I am feeling down. I recently took the hard road with hopes that I will find happiness in the end. Most of my friends think I am crazy, and tonight I was wondering if they were right, but this has lifted my spirit. Thank you for the post.

  3. This is an awesome post! I really like this blog, it is one of my favorites!

    And, natural childbirth is easy peasy! 🙂

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