ODC Day 3 Completion of bellyfatcure!


Day Three is done!  This is the easiest thing I have ever done in my life.  Go to bed full and lose weight…that’s not even fair.

Hmmm What did I eat today.


Scrabbled eggs w/cheese and a no sugar English muffin w/no sugar grape preserves(glass of water)


27 Cheez-its(glass of water)


bear creek minestrone-1 cup

Dinner: 2 oz of grilled chicken, 1/2 cup of brown rice, turkey burger w/cheese (no bread) Ceasar Salad w/pecans(you know it)(3-4 glasses of water)

Life is good!

See you in the morning for the weigh-in




About offdachainandouttadabox

We are a married couple of 2 with 4 beautiful, smart children, who after 15 years of marriage have decided to join the blog world with a blog that will allow us to present what may be considered to many to be offdachainandouttadabox as it pertains to the areas of marriage, parenting, finances and health & wellness. The offdachain husband will also, against the wishes of his wife, (hence off the chain) post on other subjects from time to time.

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