New OFFDACHAIN(men only) Blog site coming!!! (additional)


Hello to all!!

This Post is just a special announcement to bring awareness to a new blog site coming your way.  Mr. Offdachain is in the process of working on an additional site where he will be able to speak directly to men.  I have been told that I can come across ‘TO HARD’ for women sometimes.  Also, I believe that the AA community is behind because of our actions and I am dedicating a portion of my life to turning this cruise ship around.  Be on the lookout and yes I will still be posting here with my wife Outtadabox, because IF YOU BELIEVE YOU CAN MAKE IT HAPPEN…IT WILL TAKE WORK…AND IT WON’T BE EASY!




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  1. I think that we all need a little tough love. I for one appreciate the tell it like it is approach. Hoping the new blog will be a great success and reach a lot of our AA males.

  2. Much thanks to you and I love, love, love when I hear about the boys being born!!!! I scream a loud YES!!!

    I hope to one day be able to meet him and his parents in person. I know this will happen because they are givers and so are we and we are bound to cross paths.

    Thanks again

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