I just read THE BEST MARRIAGE BOOK EVER!!! (all the secrets revealed)


It is just before 5am and I just completed the BEST, most USEFUL Marriage book ever written.  Now here goes…What do you want first?  The good news or the bad news.  Well, the good news is I just started it yesterday and wrapped it up today. (So it will be an easy read for you) The bad news is you can not purchase it yet.  I personally know the author and was allowed to review the copy.  WOW! It showed me what most marriage books are missing…The feel that you are still working daily on what you are telling me I need to work on.  It talks about EVERYTHING!  It is written by a man(with his wife’s spirit in tow) and it gives you all the tools and insight to make your marriage work and REMAIN HOT!…not just for today but FOREVER.  

And it also gives some step by step tips that some wives are going to want to buy this book and provide it to the husbands as a birthday gift on the wife’s birthday.

Not going to give it away….but when it comes out  wives will be screaming!


p.s. If you have a book you would like for me to review and post about…Just let me know(Because I WILL keep it Real!)



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