Tell us your favorite post (and why?)


One of the things my wife and I speak about is making sure we are being productive citizens in the parenting, marriage and just all out friend category.  In an effort to do this we…well I (because I did not get this post signed off before I published it) would like to know what post have been your favorites.  Some of you are aware that I will soon be starting a second blog to begin speaking to men AND YOU ALREADY KNOW WE GOT(not have) ISSUES!  Also, my partner and I are launching a Radio Show on July 4, 2011 and this will take some hard work and effort to reach those men that need to hear how to be successful with EVERYTHING we are responsible for in order to be successful husbands, fathers, parents, baby daddys, sons and son-in-laws.  So WE…cough I would like to get an idea of what you like so far about our blog…what you don’t like about our blog so I…WE can continue to make sure you JUST get the BEST as we begin to split time with a Radio Show that will impact the lives of men all over the world.  Please pray that we are doing HIS WILL with all that we have our hands on and thanks for all the support you have shown us this far and can you believe it has not even been a year…

The anniversary of the blog is August.  Thanks for being the fuel that keeps us going.


Soon to be part of the EverythingMan Series


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      • Actusally, I went back and checked – it wasn’t a confession one, it was Is my love for my wife just a Facebook thing?

        But I did like the being in love with your wife’s friend one very much too. OK dead heat.

        I didn’t say why though: because men rarely write about emotions well and you did! 🙂

      • Thanks and your right and part of my mission is to change that! Just make sure you send people to my new blog coming and follow the EverythingmanRadio Show launching on July 4th. We must get the lines of communication open.

      • Certainly will follow the new blog, but the radio show is a bit of a problem – I’m in Australia and we really don’t get USA radio over here, unless it is broadcast over the internet.

        Good grief – I’m subscribed to a star! In that case, I’ll be plugging my book to you when it comes out too! You think I have a market with a love story of an Australian and a Nigerian and four children? 🙂 Not to mention I took on the government and the truth and love won the day!!!

      • BTW…I love your story and want everyone to visit your blog and maybe we can get LIFETIME to buy your story. That way I can stay awake when my wife is watching it because you guys have an awesome story!!

      • Thanks so much! Trust me, the website is very lacking in detail – for reasons which shall become clear in the not too distant future – hold onto your hat!

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