New rule for Family Travel!!


We are in the middle of a Family East Coast give back!  We are giving back all the money we made to the gasoline companies by driving from Atlanta north and back.  Actually, it is Bria’s graduation from high school and since they scheduled it on a Wednesday…..(why was that???)  We have decided to make it a week long family road trip.   

Hopefully, I wont end up looking like Martin.

So while at my Mom’s and Dad’s in North Carolina my beautiful wife asked my 10 YO daughter to wash about 9 dishes(6 of which were utensils) and my daughter gave her some bad body language energy.  

I waited for my wife to walk down the hallway and asked my daughter to come and speak with me.  When she arrived she had tears in her eyes.  I asked her why she was crying to which she replied, “I should not have to wash dishes on my vacation.” I explained to her that we can stay in a hotel every time we travel and when we travel would not be as frequent…well actually I said, “Never.”

I explained to her that I didn’t like her body language when my wife asked her to do something that she did not like.  I told her there will be 3.2 million more times in her life that my wife will tell her something she will not like…and in true ‘Cedric the Entertainer/Bernie Mac fashion’ I told her, “I DARE you to give up that bad body language as a response.”

So I as the leader of the troop have decided to start a new family travel rule.  I think the girls said this makes family rule #1, 365.  I just said okay…and you better be able to recite them…(because I can only remember 2) 

We are going to clean every home that we stay in before we depart.  I told them that from now on when we stay with someone their responsibility is not to watch TV in the morning but to clean the childrens living quarters.  (Yep, a super great rule…IMO) 

So our next stop is a house with two families and a super great pool in the back yard!!! To bad it not ready to swim yet…So what…we are still cleaning!

Now here is the good part.  There is a high school graduation party going on at this residence.  So you guessed it! The ODCODB Family has cleaned the children’s living quarters and the kitchen is so clean we even straightened out the frig. so all the containers of food will fit.  WHEW! Almost wanted to rethink this thing, but then I thought.  We are going to have request from all over the world of people wanting us to visit them!!!!!!  

But seriously, I was thinking as we were cleaning…about how this is going to effect their lives as they grow and travel to visit friends/family.  Wouldn’t you want children around you that were appreciative and knew how to clean?  I think its a great rule and it will go further than ‘busting my 10 YO’s head until the white meat shows.’  




About offdachainandouttadabox

We are a married couple of 2 with 4 beautiful, smart children, who after 15 years of marriage have decided to join the blog world with a blog that will allow us to present what may be considered to many to be offdachainandouttadabox as it pertains to the areas of marriage, parenting, finances and health & wellness. The offdachain husband will also, against the wishes of his wife, (hence off the chain) post on other subjects from time to time.

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  1. I thought my mom was the only person who had the rule growing up. Heck, we clean up my aunt’s house whenever we go to visit now & she stays ten mins away from my mom. Before we leave one of us makes sure to sweep floor and if we ate we washed dishes. This teaches kids great discipline. Hope you all had a blast in our lovely state of NC!

  2. Hey there, you are welcome to crash at the Harris Valdovinos home. As we say in Spanish, Mi casa es tu casa (my home is your home) and tus dishes are dirty! Seriously, love that. My kids cleanup at the end of visits to friends houses, too. Funny story. I had a Mocha Mom get together over here when Dawn was pregnant with Logan. The kids were sorting animals and people back into the bins in the playroom, and Dawn said “is Elmo a person or an animal?” What I remember most about that day is Christian “listening” to the pregnant belly with a stethescope.

  3. I think I will also apply this rule to our travel rules and I agree more people would love for you to come and visit if they could look forward to an appriciative family who loves to clean.

    • How about my daughters went to a neighbors of a friends home on the last night to watch a movie and when all the kids came back we could not find my 10 year old!!! She was at the house cleaning and the wife said she wanted to keep her…I LOVE IT!! (BUT WHAT DO PEOPLE SAY ABOUT YOUR KIDS WHEN THEY LEAVE?) Imjustsayin

  4. i love “gave her some bad body language energy”! too funny! and you’re right by the way… we’d LOVE for you to pay us a visit. there is some mopping and dusting that could use some attention in the children’s quarters! 🙂

    • After hitting 8 states in 7 days….Just let me know the address and I sure we can make it by there. One thing I did not share was that every house fed us and gave us to go food to continue the journey. If your game we will be there!

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