EverythingMan Radio Launches Worldwide!!!


In just about 9 hours from now the Launch of EverythingMan will happen!  8:00am-9:00am (EST) and the entire world will have access to my thoughts…Ohhhhh That is a scary thought, but I believe it is the way my true father would have it to happen.  On Saturday, July 2, 2011 at 8:00am SHB and myself (MC) will take to blogtalkradio to introduce ourselves to the world via the tool of internet radio.  We will use the 4th of July weekend to conduct a 3 day launch.  It will take place Saturday morning, Sunday morning and Monday afternoon…we may be on location from my grill…don’t hate!  The regular shows will be every Monday morning.

The name says it all.  EverythingMen do it all…that is if they want a functional, loving family.  EverythingMen are willing to do the hard work to have the best family.  EverythingMen set the example and challenge their community to be the best…not just to be.  The EverythingMan Radio page will also have a blog, but don’t worry….Some things still require me to be OFFDACHAIN! 

This is a venture that will require much time energy and effort BUT WE ARE ALL WORTH IT!

Talk to you on EverythingMan Radio!!! It’s going to be AWESOME! 




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