We love Homeschooling conferences that take our WHOLE SATURDAY!!!


If you read that title there are a couple of things I know.  1.  You know how to find our blog. 2. You know me well enough to know I did not mean what I said in the title.

We do homeschool and we are SUPER HAPPY with the results of our children’s education but just like every other parent in America…WE like having our Saturdays to ourselves.  Especially this one where I am coming off  a surgery on my achilles just two days ago. (visit http://www.everythingmanradio.com blog to follow the comeback journey)

But all I can hear and see is the article Sarah sent me and I blogged on titled “The Easy or the Hard.”  How we as humans are drawn to what is easy and not what is hard but one always yields the BEST benefits.  People have to understand that homeschooling is NOT EASY!! We sometimes as homeschoolers may present it like it is….I think we just want to piss others off, but it AIN’T!

So this Saturday my wife and I will be in a Homeschooling Training so my 10 year old and 7 year old can write like college students and get into the university of their choice for FREE.  My 10 y.o. has already been in this class for a couple of years and her writing is almost better than mine.  My wife says she doesn’t have as many typos..:)  and so she is already better.  I disagree.  She has more typos.

Just wanted to drop you a line to let you know how much fun you will be missing out on this wonderful Saturday morning.   And don’t worry about me…I will make up the time after they move out.

If I can get these legs to work right….

Thanks for stopping and enjoy your Saturday!



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