Make Everyday your husbands birthday…


I do get the question…”Do you have any brothers?” And all I can assume is there are women out there who want to receive some of the treatment and maybe even the thought process I have from a man which they have become involved.  Well today I am going to tell one of the major secrets to relationship success and you do not have to marry anyone in my family. (though I am not sure if there are any men left…well yes there is) ( I have a cousin in Orlando who works for Disney who is about 1.5 years older than me but my daughters say he looks 10 years younger…that’s besides the point) You were asking about someone you already know.

First thing! GET MARRIED! 

Second…I have a question for the ladies.  What kind of treatment does your husband get from you on his birthday?

I will tell you if he gets birthday treatment on more than just his birthday how you feel towards him will likely improve. There is just something about a woman you know will do anything for you and treat you like a KING  at any moment.  We tend to want to return the favor and give you QUEEEN treatment.  

So try that for 1 month and let me know the results…and if you need a guide to assist you with a daily routine….Try the Love Dare book.

Please report back your findings so people will understand that you don’t have to look for where the grass is greener…




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  1. Oh, great guru of love relationships, I hear you! Just last week I realized that I get exactly what I want most of all from my husband, and that is to be FREE to be me! I have space and time to create, cook, entertain my friends, be with my kids and homeschool them, am close to my mom, have no demands from Vale about keeping the house clean, clothes washed, etc, All that he asks from me is that I have enough energy for him. Well, I haven’t been holding up my end of the pie. By the time he gets home from working all day (including Saturday) I am wiped out from my ME centered day. I get in bed alone or with the boys and read, and he comes in later and shoves the boys over to lay next to me. We snuggle, snore, and then the whole thing repeats itself the next day.

    I’m gonna bitch and moan here for a minute: he comes in, bathes, eats whatever scrap of dinner I may have deigned to save him (these days, he’s fending for himself), cuts on tv to Canal 14, and goes to sleep to the sound of Latina women screeching/crying/skanking on the Spanish speaking soap operas. He says it’s like white noise to him, but it turns me off, and I don’t want to spend time with him. So basically, we live in the same house, on opposite sides, and I consider myself a married single mother. I feel like I’ve had to create my own life inside our marriage because I’m not getting the emotional intimacy I need from him. and you know that leads to no getting jiggy wit’ it.

    The other day I even thought about having a non-sexual “affair” with someone so that I can get some attention. Realizing that I’m depressed and lonely, I said “shelve that thought for a month, and become more of what YOU want to be, rather than dwell on what your husband isn’t. Remember what attracted you to him in the first place, and make a concerted effort to rekindle some romance and harmony between you two.” He just got back from a two day fishing trip to Deleware with his buddies and son. I got into a snit because he rarely comes home early and when he does, it’s so he can go to some Paraguayan shindig. Why doesn’t he do that and plan something with me?

    Truth is, he’s boring, but stable, and evidently, what I needed most was someone who’d take care of me financially and give me leeway to be the free spirit that I am. I joke that I’m a kept woman, and that I’m kept just above the poverty level. I like your suggestion about treating him like it’s his birthday, though, so I’ll end this post and go bake a cake.

  2. A garden doesn’t grow without weeding, watering, cultivating, planting……….

    A relationship is the same.

    We are struggling to find “us” time right now. Everything is so new for the children, I need tospend a lot of time with them helping them adjust to the new school system. Consequently Mr O is feeling, I am sure, I little left out. He has jokingly said to the kids “You are not letting me enjoy my wife.” This weekend we are making “us” time and letting the kids fend for themselves for part of the weekend!

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