I am raising my daughters to be SAHM’s…with NO APOLOGY!


I have a radio show that airs on Monday mornings from 6-7am on blogtalk radio.  You can also get there via the website http://www.everythingmanradio.com  if you are not a subscriber to that blog you may want to stop by and signup.  Most of the controversy I have been causing lately has been on that blog but i thought I would stop by and hit you with more of what make sense that you will probably not like me for at the end of the day.  

So on the radio show last week, the host of the show asked the question. What are you raising your children to become when they grow up?  

To which I replied, I am raising my daughters to be SAHM’s! The biggest problem with our society is we are not grooming our women to be women and not grooming our men to be providers we need to OWN OUR CHOICES!

I am not sure how everyone felt about it because it was early and everyone who called in did not get a chance to speak…so SPEAK!


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  1. I think it’s great you all are grooming the girls for their roles as moms. Kids need that. My mom had to work three jobs and by the time she got home she often too tired to go anything. I certainly wish she would have had the opportunity to be a SAHM.

    I am a SAHM and I love it. Being a SAHM is different for each household. For me it means that I can raise my kids & know they are being exposed to the right things & ppl. However, I am still able freelance and make money on the side.

    We are raising our son to be a provider. And we teaching our daughter to not settle for any man who doesn’t want to step into that provider role from day one.

  2. I love it!! FROM DAY ONE! If we are going to save our community/kids WE are going to have to do it.

    Great job doing your part.


  3. Stay at home moms? Hmmm. Okay. I do believe we can save our communities and fulfill our purpose on this Earth too. What if their purpose on this Earth requires more than staying at home to wife and to mother? Are you thwarting them by deciding who they should grow up to be? I agree that girls should be taught to be women and men should be taught to be men, and I also believe that our children need to learn to love effectively. The roles they should adopt, I’ll leave up to them. However, the importance of loving self, finding a great partner & working effectively in their relationships, I am actively teaching them.

    • Thanks Brooke and I can appreciate your take on how you are raising your children. Oh by the way. I love the name lovesgumbo!!!! But we believe that as Godly women…If they make a decision to start a family then that is the priority.

  4. I’m raising my girls to be whatever God has called them to be. I won’t pigeon hole them into being any 1 thing. God gives us choices and free will. I will raise my girls to responsibly exercise that free will-as stay at home moms or board room execs. They will be equipped with domestic skills as well as classroom acumen. My prayer is that they’re compassionate and God-fearing. The rest is up to them!

  5. I just had a talk with a single young lady who is pursuing her career. She has an amazing opportunity to receive some specialized training in addition to having her PhD. I told her to go for it! Do it up and do it BIG!! When the time comes for her to start a family, she will have OPTIONS and through financial responsibility and wisdom, she will have FREEDOM. We are raising our children to be Christians. Our number one goal is that they accept Christ as their personal savior and spend the rest of their lives “working out their salvation”. If their journey includes starting a family, I want them to have a heart to serve their household FIRST. I’m not going to train my children to go build someone else’s kingdom. I want to equip them to CREATE and not be a consumer. I have an MBA, I had a career, but when we started a family, I wanted to be my children’s primary care giver. I didn’t have children so that someone else could raise them. Does this mean that I don’t have other interests? No, what it means is that I fit my other interests around my first priority, my family. I want my girls to value the things of God and not the things of man. – ODB

  6. I agree with the lasst commenter. As godly women we are called to raise our children to seek Christ & hiss kingdom first. How can we do that if we place our career above our family? Some will say that placing a child in daycare doesn’t mean we are not raising them, I diasagree. Placing them in daycare ABSOLUTELY means someone else is raising them. We demonstrate our priorities by our actions & children see that. I too had a career that I loved, but when I became a mother my responsibility became to my family first. It may sound harsh, but if you cannot give up your career (as a godly woman) to raise your children you may wish to consider if you have truly been called to be a mother. No matter whhat the current (wordly) traditions are for raising families God’s word remains the same. Our responsibility as Christian mothers remains the same.

  7. Why would you “groom” your children to be something specific? Why wouldn’t you RAISE them to think for themselves and be what THEY want to be when they are old enough to make that choice for themselves? I want my son and my daughter to be whatever it is they want to be when they grow up, not something I or their father want them to be. I think it’s unfair to the child to be groomed into anything.

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