The best convo in my marriage ever…


Yesterday my wife and I had what I would consider the BEST CONVERSATION EVER! I had some concerns and I was able to sit my wife down and discuss my concerns. Yep you read that right.  There was no arguing, fussing or even a loud discussion.  I will not share what the convo was about.  But it was deep.  It was a conversation that I believe most men will not have with their wives and the concerns would end up being challenges and then divorce.  So I am sharing this with the OFFDACHAINANDOUTTADABOX FAMILY because  we truly believe in marriage and we also believe that we must be open and honest in order for others to get anything from this blog.

So I spoke to my wife and she asked lots of questions to make sure she was clear on what I was sharing.  We were both careful to consider the others feelings while sharing while making sure the conversation made the impact on our marriage needed.  We were able to have dinner and then make a drive for dessert.  I also accompanied her to get her eyebrows threaded(looks painful) and then to a separate location for her to get her pedicure done while I text her about the lady next to her who had feet like a doberman.  Anyway…it was a great night and it ended even better.  I mean we celebrate 11 years of marriage and I would say we had the best conversation and night(no details on that part)

When my wife woke up this morning I told her that it was the best conversation ever and the best night.  I explained to her that she has created an atmosphere where I am fully comfortable sharing ANYTHING with her.

The message I want to send to the women.  If you have created an environment where your husband can come to you with ANYTHING…you win!

If your husband has a problem sharing with you and would rather share with his boys  you better hope the person he is sharing with is a great accountability partner and will tell him the BEST ADVICE for your marriage…

Do you want the success of your marriage in HIS BOYS HANDS?

I am comfortable speaking to my wife and the atmosphere she has created has made our marriage the best and our private life even better.

I will share more details but you will have to tune into the radio show 6-7am (EST) tomorrow to get the juicy part.  I know you hate that but I get it from AMERICAN IDOL.

Nighty Night,



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  1. U know what! That darn America Idol! Well, anywho, that is the correct way of dealing with issues. That is the mentally that will and should keep households together. Let me follow-up with even if it hurts,” honesty is the best policy” (quoted from grade school).

  2. Just referred my friend to this, he’s going through a similar situation and he was tired of not being able to be totally open, it took it’s toll…and of course he came to “his boy” for advice lol but I never suggest break ups, I never want to be “that guy”

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