I trust HIM enough to give my last $10


My wife and I go to Costco once a month and we normally go with the kids (4 girls in tow) and we had decided we would start finding someone for them to play with while we go…

…In an attempt to save some money. (those of you with children understand)

Well I believe it worked and am glad we decided to save some money on this round because little did we know how soon we would need it.

Well finances are extremely tight in our home right now and sometimes I have some really rough days as I deal with it but God always shows up either through His people or His spirit.  Either way we are always grateful.

On this particular trip we had finished up and while heading to our truck to place our load of groceries, which we thought was not enough, we were approached by a young white male and his entire family.  He explained to me that they were homeless.  He was with his wife and two sons.  His wife looked to be pregnant and his sons were both under 5 years of age.

He told me he was attempting to get a hotel room for the night and his employer was going to advance his employment check the next day so they could put a deposit on a new residence.  It was a nice night out but not one that I wanted to walking the streets with my entire family.

Like I said, things are extremely tight so I reached in my pocket and all I had was 10 dollars.  I immediately GAVE HIM ALL I HAD.

I sat down in the driver seat and watched him walk away. I prayed for his family.  I prayed that they will be blessed beyond what I could give.

It broke my heart not to be able to pay for their room for the night and order room service but I gave them all I could at the time.

The next 10 minutes I sat in the truck and cried.  I cried because I could not do more.  I cried because families are hurting.  I cried because I love my wife and she has a heart to give just like I do and I am grateful for her.  I cried because even though I am always wanting something more…

My needs are provided and I am grateful.




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  1. I shed a tear reading your post. You and your wife are so inspiring. You’re right. Many families are hurting and struggling. Here’s to coming together as a community to lend a hand and give what we have when we have it. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thanks for sharing. I too am going through a very tough time financially, but God always provides. It’s a struggle but I have to remember that it could be worse and someone is worse off than me. What a blessing it was for you to be able to give what you had. It may not have been what you wanted to give but I am sure it spoke volumes to that man and God honors what you did and he will reward you! Amen!

  3. You are such a good person and so is your wife. That was a really wonderful thing you did. That family will always remember your kindness and as they go forward they will bless others.

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