Only send me Beyonce videos…PLEASE


After watching a video sent by a dear friend concerning family integrated church and listening to several youth ministers explain why they were leaving their positions due to the belief that YOUTH MINISTRY was doing more harm than good.  I woke up early to began my own research.  I started off with a google search for and came across  I then navigated over to their search engine titled “search the bible” placed Youth Ministry in the box…hit GO and was quickly discouraged as it glared, “Your search did not return ANY results.”

This threw me back into my chair and forced me into a frozen state!   I immediately looked and noticed it was 6:10 am and it was right at that point that my mind ran off and began focusing on a 7:30 am conference call for Everythingman Radio.  I began making a list of possible show topics to prepare for the morning conference call while realizing it was mostly to escape the morning research task at hand.

I then stopped making excuses and grabbed my concordance and began full research only to be challenged further after realizing this video may have some validity…UGH!

I mean this video put some very valid information out about how parents are responsible for raising Godly children and it is not the responsibility of the youth ministry who may only be with the child 1-5 hours a week.

I mean…Why is it not their responsibility?  After all, is that not why the church has youth ministries?

What do you mean I have to do more research on the bible and actually even read it with my children.  The next thing you will be saying is we have to pray together as a family and my wife and I have to plan to sit with the children after service and make sure that we know what was taught in case we are called to clear up any uncertainties.

There goes my Sunday nap after eating my biggest meal of the week.

I am not sure I am ready for this and I may even have to find some more friends…Friends that don’t challenge me and just let me be.

I was not ready for this, but I believe God’s timing is perfect.



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