Top 5 Moves by Christians to prove they love Santa better than Jesus…


As we move into the Christmas season…..

Which started a week before Christmas when I was growing up but now it starts the day after Halloween.  Funny how there are several of us who say we are Christian but our actions demonstrate we just may like Mr. S.C. more than Mr. J.C.

Let’s get right to the countdown…

#5 If you speed to the store, fight someone over a parking space only to purchase the last newspaper(which is torn) in order to read the BLACK FRIDAY ads from cover to cover(while using a notepad for line by line research), but you do not attack the Bible w/ the same energy…or at all….You may love Santa better than Jesus.

#4 If you are the first person to the BLACK FRIDAY line(even if that means arriving a day early) but you are the last person to church….You may love Santa better than Jesus.

#3 If you are an employee of a retail chain that normally is closed on Thanksgiving(but opening this year) or that usually opens at a normal hour on BLACK FRIDAY and you are now publicly speaking out on the news about your dissatisfaction with the schedule…but you have worked every Sunday for the last 7 years and have had no issues missing fellowshipping with the saints…You may love Santa better than Jesus.

#2 If you are the person who can tell everyone in the neighborhood where the best deals for BLACK FRIDAY exist for the best bargains and gifts but don’t tithe and give the gifts of your time, talent, or treasure to your church community…You may love Santa better than Jesus.

#1 If you have a Christmas list of 20 people to buy gifts for and only 1 person on your prayer list…AND THAT PERSON IS YOU…and your only prayer says, “Thank you for this food I am about to receive”…You may love Santa better than Jesus.

Merry Christmas,



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  1. Very good! 😆 As an atheist in a Muslim house with Pagan other relatives, Christmas is a time of togetherness for us, not so much about gift giving, but I like the sentiments you express a lot! 🙂

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