ESPN deserves to be FIRED just like Joe Paterno!!! #boycottESPN


We have all heard by now of the challenges with Penn State and the firing of Joe  Paterno.  Some of us agree that the firing was a JUST and NECESSARY move by the trustees of the university.  I personally agree that he should have gone to the police with the information that was brought to him and not doing so should have cost him his job…AT THE LEAST.

Today there is a new case, in addition to the Penn State case, that is being discussed in the media.  The case involves Assistant Coach Bernie Fine, who has spent 35 years on the staff of  Syracuse Head Coach, Jim Boeheim. Syracuse has chosen to FIRE the assistant coach amid him being charged with child molestation while allowing the head coach to keep his job…for now.

Well that is not the issue for which I have come…

The issue is the entire world should #boycottESPN and all things affiliated with ESPN!

Why should this happen?

We all agree that Joe Paterno should have been fired for the sexual abuse of young boys by a THEN member of his assistant coaching staff.  We all believe he should have reported  his knowledge of assistant coach Jerry Sandusky’s abusing boys in a shower…as reported by the graduate assistant. And with that being said, we should agree that an organization allowing the continued molestation or sexual abuse of young boys acting as ball boys with the Syracuse basketball program should have taken the same actions expected of Joe Paterno.

The organization at fault is our beloved ESPN!

Here is the issue and why #boycottESPN should be trending on Twitter.

In 2003, Bobby Davis placed a call to Mark Schwarz of ESPN and was able to provide him a copy of the phone conversation that was just released to the media within the last 24 hours. The tape of a conversation between Bobby Davis and what he stated was Laurie Fine, the wife of Coach Fine. ESPN stated they could not prove the female voice in the conversation was indeed Laurie Fine.  ESPN  also stated they declined to run the story because of an inability to get the step brother of Bobby Davis, Mark Lang, to say he was also touched inappropriately by Coach Fine.  They also were given four other names by Bobby Davis and could not get any of the other four gentlemen to say they were violated or confirm they had knowledge of any wrongdoings by the assistant coach.

At that point ESPN decided the story did not fit their GUIDELINES for running it on their show, “Behind the Lines.”

At that point ESPN failed EVERY CHILD  to come in contact with Syracuse Assistant Coach Bernie Fine  from that date in 2003 forward…..the identical failure which got Joe Paterno fired.

Did the executives at ESPN not believe our youth were worth reporting these horrific crimes to police and allowing the police to sort through the details?

Are ratings the only concern of our beloved ESPN?

Did ESPN only see this information as a “POSSIBLE STORY”?

How many employees of ESPN were presented the possibilities of CRIMINAL OFFENSES and just opted to say…not a STORY we would like to run?

How many of the ESPN staff should be FIRED?

Where did I get this information?

From the mouth of Mark Schwarz  who also explained on CNN why they never shared the audio tape with the authorities. “Journalists are not necessarily required or expected to hand over evidence that they did not obtain or create themselves to the police,” he told Anderson Cooper.

And with this information the entire world must step up and make a statement to the media and in particular ESPN by beginning a #boycottESPN movement.

If we don’t step up…

We too are part of the problem. Sportscenter is NOT more important than our youth.

What do your actions say?



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  1. Now wait just a minute!!! Is the definition of: Boycott?
    1. to combine in abstaining from, or preventing dealings with
    2. to abstain from buying or using ( in this case WATCHING)

    Uh Mike, you know that uh most men start there day off with watching ESPN and uh they have grown fond of it!

    So, are you saying that a man (woman) should give up watching ESPN because some of the people that operate ESPN have shown that they are not that concerned with exposing a crime committed against a child?
    You know that this will be HARD right, to give up something you really really like for the sake of someone else or to stand for what’s RIGHT!
    Well sense we are talking about Boycotting, How about this one?
    “Christians”: Remove your children from the public school system because the people there are not disciplining your children in the things of Jesus Christ or teaching them to be obedient to the Word of God! In fact they are teaching your children OPPOSITE of what you profess to believe.

  2. How about boycotting Pike Country in Kentucky? Fred? Christians? Sorry, but as much as Mike was shocked at my non-existant religious affiliation, Pike County DOES MY HEAD IN!!!!!

    As to your suggestion about government schools, if you wish your child to have a religous education, then please do send them to a private school of your choice. Personally, I am up to my ears in a battle to STOP christian chaplains being introduced into public schools in Australia. We are a multi-cultural nation with more religions that you can poke a stick at. Religion is a private matter and no particular religion should be imposed on children at the expense of the taxpayer. Especially here, where the plan is if children opt out, they are not allowed to do any other academic stuff during the time.

    Teach ethics instead. Pike County could do with a good dose of ethics training!

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