My wife saved my life…what has your marriage saved you from?


If you were to ask anyone who knew me back when…they would have told you my wife was crazy for even being in the same room with me.  Some would say the same is true today…just not as much.  But I will tell anyone who will listen.  My wife has saved my life.  We recently completed a 21 day juice fast and it was the first fast that we have been able to complete together.  My wife was always nursing or pregnant or pregnant or nursing.  And she would have been that way this time but God had another plan. So she was able to join me.

Well during our fast I have had an opportunity to reflect on several aspects of my life during a three week period of not eating and have come to the conclusion that my wife saved my life.

She has demonstrated to me why I was drawn to her initially.  It was her discipline!! After I saw how sexy she was, I was drawn to her discipline.  I mean…What? I speak the truth.

The truth is she was a woman who worked out 6 days a week before we got married and has for our entire marriage.   She has done this through pregnancy after pregnancy.  I admire her and I have sat by her side and watched her nurse an infant child while training for a half-marathon.  She actually ran her first one a year ago this month and is currently training for a repeat performance at the end of this month.

The good part is I have decided to join her this time. Not in the Disney Princess, but in running. She has motivated me to begin training for a half-marathon.  The funny thing is she did not do this by her words BUT HER ACTIONS.  My wife has not once told me to run a marathon and has allowed me to see her as a champion through her desire to be the best and to continue to challenge herself.

So the thought hit me and then the doubt/fear creeped into my mind because just 6 months ago I torn my achilles and had to have it surgically repaired.  But I decided to run with my wife during her long run one Saturday.

I ran 5 miles, which turn into 6, and then 18 miles in a week.  I then decided to begin my training for my own half-marathon, but did not have a actual race planned.  It forced me to challenge myself and then…

I have chosen to celebrate my 43rd birthday by running a full marathon in San Diego on June 3rd!!  I love the clarity the fast has given me and I also love the women I have married for motivating me and saving my life.

Some men take the easy way out and marry someone who will not challenge them to go to the next level.  Not me.

My wife is a champion and we are raising champion children.  I will journal my marathon calendar through the blog so you can follow me.  It will be challenging and fun all at the same time.  Just like marriage…Well at least mine anyways.

Because I have allowed my wife to save my life…what has your marriage saved you from?



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