Special Report on Whitney Houston Funeral: Following the Christian Banning Committee


Good morning WORLD! We are broadcasting live from the center of the universe, which has been temporarily moved to an unorthodox Newark, NJ for the historical funeral of one of R&B or pop culture(depending who you ask) greatest. (The greatest part is NOT UP FOR DEBATE…Whitney Houston was BADDD!)

The tragic loss has brought us to Newark where the funeral will take place tomorrow and we the news media have only been allowed one camera to capture this historical but sad moment. This camera permission has been granted to the Associated Press, which will allow several news outlets to capture and then stream this event into the homes of millions all over the world.

This wonderful songstress was around well before “The VOICE”, “American Idol” or “X-Factor”, but she was all those things to so many of us and we are so gracious that we have been allowed permission into this event as we share along side of those that loved Whitney so much.

This special report on the Whitney Houston Funeral has been created to follow the Special acts of Christians that take place during funerals(which should be an opportunity to appeal to so many who are not following this Jesus Christ) and the committee of family members, who have opinions on who should be BANNED…from the Christian fellowship.

There have been rumors on the internet, which have not been covered on our site, that have mentioned the possibility of Bobby Brown, husband of Whitney and father of Bobbi Kristina as being on the BANNED LIST!

We are here following this movement of Christians who have not only created this movement but also those fans who have voiced their opinions on many internet sites and blogs.

It has been reported that several of the Houston family members wish for Bobby Brown NOT to attend and many are said to blame him for the often talked about ‘drug use’ of Whitney.

It is also reported that the committee feels the presence of Mr. Bobby Brown would present a distraction at what will be one of the largest, most televised events in history.

Some Christians(who are said to often overuse the “only God can judge me” phrase) are said to be okay with the banning committee and their decision to request Mr. Brown to “stay away.”

Other Christians, who believe that parents should raise their children, and not allow the world to be a greater influence suggested that before Mr. Brown be banned the parents of Mrs. Houston be considered.

Some say the young daughter needs her father at this moment like no other time in her life.

While some are saying to allow everyone to attend the Christian fellowship because, “We all must give an account.”

This decision or actions that follow the banning committee’s request seem like they will cause some down to the wire actions and attention.

We will be following this story as it unfolds. Please continue to check back for details.



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  1. It would be outrageously improper, as well as insensitive to his daughter to ban Bobby Brown from the funeral. The daughter only has one time to have her father present at her mothers funeral. There will be no do-overs. They can debate it after the fact but Bobby Brown must be allowed to attend.

  2. Newark – Unorthodox?? Says who? LOL You know I couldn’t let that one slide! With much love from a native of NEWARK 🙂

  3. I was so angered that BB might be banned from the funeral that I forgot to mention that HE is also grieving. In spite of the effect these two had on each other, it was very easy to see that they had a special bond, before and after their devorce. So stop hating and thinking about the money, let him have his time. There will be much regret if you don’t.

  4. OK, on a serious note. When my Mother passed away I was 28 (with a new baby in tow), my brother was 22. The best thing that happened to me was having my Father, his side of the family, and my parents church family surround us. There were also a few of my Mother’s closest friends who were extra helpful in helping me write her obituary and ironing out the details of her funeral. My Father was my ROCK! I don’t think I would have made it without him. As distraught as he was by losing the love of his life, being able to hold his hand, sit next to him as my Mother was eulogized, and know that no matter what he had my back, was PRICELESS. We grew closer than ever during the days after my Mother’s passing. This man wasn’t perfect, hell – he isn’t even my biological father, but he was the only Father I’d ever known.

    My Mother married my Father when I was 11. Before that it had just been me, her, my brother and my grandmother. I remember her dating him and me thinking that this man was taking my Mother away from me. I remember so vividly the day she told me they were getting married. My response to her (in my 10 year old wisdom) was “What do we need him for?” her response was “This isn’t about you, this is about me, and I need him.” As taken aback as I was I later realized that I too needed him and our lives (although rocky at times) were steadied by his foundation. I have been praying for Bobbi Kristina since last week and will continue to do so. I also pray that Bobby will understand how much Bobbi needs him right now and that regardless of the barriers being placed in his way he has to fight to be there for his daughter. Its too late for the Houston family to “protect”, they had their chance with Whitney and probably did the best they knew how. Bobby has to protect his daughter, he is her only remaining parent and I know that he loves her unconditionally. He just needs the chance to do so – and this is his chance.

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