Blogging for March Madness!!!


I just decided that I have soooo much to write about that I am going to join the March Madness festivities by writing a blog post everyday until the end of the month.  Topics to follow:

1. Changing my last name

2. Wives asking husbands to help around house when their wives work FT out of the home

3. To spank or not to spank

4. I hate my job!

5. My chase to join the Social Media Movement

6. Hard Conversations with Family

7. The Grocery Shopping battle in my home

8. I never want to tell my kids, “No”

9. How to spice up your sex life when you have been having sex for ___ years.(I can’t put the number because my father-in-law reads our blog)

10. Marathon training when you are over 40

11. My kids make their own healthy juices

12. Is Divorce easier sometimes?

13.  Why do Black Men not get it?

14. My thoughts on Rush Limbaugh

15. My thoughts on The View

16. Why Syracuse should fire their Basketball coach over the drug scandal and just start over

17. The Struggles of Single People vs. The Struggles of Married People and how we can help each other

18. Should women expect men to be faithful in marriage?

And more…

Let’s Go!!!



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