Are 6 Y.O. boyfriends REALLY harmless?


As you all know I have 4 daughters and as you all know…

I am the right man for the job.  I had a conversation with my wife about a conversation she overheard my daughters having concerning “liking” someone of the male persuasion.

You know it was addressed with the quickness.

What she explained to them was it was great to “like” other kids…Meaning boys and girls, but you will not have a “harmless” “boyfriend” because we don’t believe they are harmless. Not at any age.  We are hurting our children when we allow them to play dating games at such an early age and stand around thinking that the game is harmless.

I had a conversation with a parent the other day who I told 16 was to young to be dating.  She disagreed.  That’s okay.  I told her I hope she is ready to be called G-Ma or Me-Ma.

In our society we allow small children to play the “is that your boyfriend game and then we wonder why we have all the challenges we have as they mature. This behavior is contributing to the breakdown of our families.

We all can agree that dating is a HUGE PROBLEM!!

I like to say dating is practice for getting divorce and we do not want our children participating in the setup.

So NO a boyfriend at any age is NOT HAPPENING, but “guarding their hearts” is the way to turn this cruise ship called dating around and it will take more than just us on this block for this to become a success.

But we believe our children are worth every effort.

We are teaching our daughters to “guard their hearts.”  We believe and pray for them daily that they know the importance and keep a pure heart and body until marriage.

Many of us have made all the mistakes of not following this path and I want those that feel their lives and marriages are better to SPEAK UP!


We will be instructing our children NOT to discuss or participate in “liking” and “so-called harmless boyfriends/girlfriends” AT ANY AGE!

We will only be “GUARDING OUR HEARTS.”


“March Madness Blogging Series”


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