What is the #1 Question Singles should ask before marriage?


I would like to thank you all for visiting our site during this March Madness Blogging Series.  Today we (meaning me) will present the #1 question Singles should be asking before marriage.

After much research(HA) and doing a survey of millions of Singles(:) ) we (again…meaning me) have come to the following conclusion…

How many times a week should you expect to have sex with your spouse?

This is the question that I…I mean… we believe should be discussed but it is not currently.

The reasons are because the #1 need of the man is INTIMACY and the #1 need of the woman is SECURITY and this causes a misconnect.  So with the needs being different, issues are caused when this is not discussed and agreed upon. To my knowledge it is never discussed.

My wife and I sit down with couples who are thinking about engagement/marriage and I have never spoken to one couple who has had this discussion.

Not dealing with this question causes so many issues down the road that could be discussed before challenges arise in a marriage.  Dealing with it brings up so many other issues that  may not come up until later in the marriage but allows the couple to address them early.

There are many questions and discussions to have concerning marriage but this question is the #1  Question and often gets missed and really needs to be addressed before a couple gets married and more problems start than normal.


“March Madness Blogging Series”


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