Part 1: Gameday for Craig Boone: He played until the whistle.


Man Monday at is where I was when my phone started lighting up with phone calls and text messages about our champion, Craig Boone.  It was the perfect setting.  An all male bible study that allows you to bond with the Godly men in your life and have the conversations that we need in order to build the Kingdom.    I lived about 25-30 minutes from Craig and did not nearly speak or see him enough in my almost 6 years in the ATL.  I think we all gave Facebook and other Social Media outlets the power to make us feel we have spent more time with loved ones than was actual and this was the case with Craig and I.

But this did not stop my 71st Senior High School Falcon family from reaching out to me and knowing that I would answer the call for a passionate brother I loved dearly.  After receiving the news that he was down, I called my wife and told her I would not be coming directly home but was on my way to South Fulton Medical Center to check on Craig Boone.  I figured I would get there and maybe have to go get him something to eat and then be home late.


I received a phone call from Karen as I exited the highway on the street for the hospital and she told me, “Mike, he did not make it.”  I said, “I knew that is why you were calling me.”

Because of that feeling, I almost did not answer the phone…You know…In an effort to give me more time with him.  I guess I was being selfish, because God knew what HE needed to do in that moment.

I arrived at the hospital.  Parked and ran into his sister, Kenny and a couple people with YMCA shirts coming out of the trauma unit.  I still had hope after reading an article on the soccer player who had a heart attack and was revived after 45 minutes.  I immediately thought. “Why are they quitting on Craig. He always played from one side of the field to the other.  He always played to the whistle!

The whistle had blown.



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