“Your Body Language is NOT ENGAGING”


This was part of the conversation I had today, with my beautiful wife,  on the way to church. Those rides to church can catch you off guard sometimes.   It came about 4 minutes after she said, “I really love you.”  She then stated she really knew this to be true.  My wife said to me, “I know it because sometimes you make me extremely  angry but it doesn’t last for long.”

This is a result of an issue from last night that caused us to finish our night with a long emotional hug and cry.

There was a time in my life when hearing a statement like this would have shut my entire day down, but today I am able to hear wisdom from my wife.

What makes her statement ironic is last night when I was speaking I actually felt my hands were giving up to much energy and did nothing to make an adjustment.  At some point, we need to hear the spirit and make the adjustment….RIGHT THEN!

I am able to do this sometimes and last night I failed.  But I am man enough to admit when I have missed the mark and on this opportunity it was one of those times.

I also am man enough to APOLOGIZE in front of the entire universe.

And in doing so I realize exactly where I went wrong.  I forgot one of the golden rules of marriage.

Don’t win the argument and lose your wife. (I think it is speaking about priorities…which I had out of order)

The great part about this ride to church is my wife is so wise and understands that she made a commitment to Christ when entering our marriage.  I would like to thank God for her commitment and her ability to see past my faults and horrible body language.



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