Mommy What? Mommy Who? – 2012 Mother’s Day Anthem


Today is Sunday, a week before Mother’s Day. I really like to rest on Sundays, but sometimes (like today) I don’t get to have that luxury. Dinner has to be cooked, and then someone has a birthday tomorrow and wants her hair done, then I look at the afro puff on someone else’s head and realize that I need to to do her hair too. The next thing you know it’s 8:50 and I’m just getting a chance to eat the dinner that I cooked over four hours ago.

About 8 years ago I had a conversation with my dear friend about the upcoming Father’s Day observation. I asked her what did her husband say he wanted for Father’s Day. I was waiting for her to say a tie, a nice dinner, you know, typical Father’s Day fare. What he said he wanted was “to be left alone”. I paused, and I think I thought it was a bit strange, and then kinda funny. At the time I was still in my early years of Motherhood. I had 2 young children and I really enjoyed my time with them. I couldn’t imagine wanting to be “left alone” on a day that was intended to celebrate this special bond I had with them. Fast forward through years of interrupted sleep, 2 more children, preparing meals, doing the laundry, inconsistent cleaning routines, the beginning of our ‘formal’ homeschooling journey, and I know EXACTLY how I want to spend my Mother’s Day; ALONE.

It didn’t take long for me to realize that waiting for a table in a crowded restaurant, chasing toddlers through the waiting area and then once seated (1 hour later), shuttling little people back and forth to the bathroom, was not my idea of a celebration in my honor. Time out for card companies, jewelry stores, restaurants, and flower shops pushing their agendas on us.

Since my mother is no longer living, I have suggested that ODC take the girls to see his mom for the weekend of Mother’s Day. He can celebrate with her and I can enjoy a weekend A-L-O-N-E. Maybe that’s not a viable option for you, but it has been my experience that if you are within 100 feet of your children, it is very easy to find yourself doing your normal ‘mommy stuff’. Even if having the ‘day off’ isn’t reasonable, just planning to have an hour or two to do what you want can prove to be very enjoyable. Here are a few ideas for you to ‘hint’ around to your family:

  1. Friday night check Hotwire and find a nice hotel for the weekend and either send everyone there or send yourself 🙂
  2. Have Dad or someone take the children for an all day playdate. (A few movies and a meal will be less than that charm bracelet!)
  3. If your church has an early service, maybe you can slip out and go to the early service and then go to breakfast (a table for 1 will get seated immediately)
  4. Get your favorite take-out, bring it home and then lock yourself in your room.
  5. Schedule a spa day, but make sure the services take you long enough that when you get home, everyone is in bed, if not, stall.

In the words of Burger King, “Have it your way”. We don’t celebrate laborers by sending them to work on Labor Day, why should Mother’s Day be any different?

Does your family do something you particularly enjoy on Mother’s Day? What’s your idea of the perfect celebration?


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  1. My husband shared this post with me this morning and I have to thank you for writing it. It is not natural for us to think of ourselves, but this made me feel better about just desiring some time for me. Bless you!

  2. Dawn. I would love a massage, manicure, pedicure, facial and the keys to a hotel room for the weekend ALONE so I can watch Housewives of Atlanta and House Hunters International marathons. Oh, and I’d bring all of my magazines that are unopened and un-read since January 2012.

  3. Monica, I just pulled out a magazine from 2009!!! You are a “Solider” momma, I pray that you get some time to yourself. Remember, you have a 1 bedroom suite waiting for you in GA whenever you are ready.

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