“That’s My Boy” is NOT MY BOY!!



With finances being SUPER TIGHT currently, I jumped at the opportunity to take my wife to a FREE screening for the Adam Sandler film “That’s My Boy.” 

I was totally embarassed after only about 3 minutes into the film.  And ready to leave after about 10. 

We both were looking at each other like….”REALLY?”

We decided to stay just to see how things turned out and I wanted to be able to say in this review that I actually watched the entire Horrible piece.  As not to give those Adam Sandler fans an out.

The comedy was crude and there were several…SEVERAL pornographic scenes.  Come on! Is that what you need to produce an actor worth 350million in the US and call it comedy?

I have four daughters and I would be embarassed if they found out I actually took my wife to this movie.

Another aspect I thought about was how many minority films are not being produced or are fighting for funds and this crap is being pushed as the blockbuster movie of the week.

Big Dissapointment: Todd Bridges was in the film and was smoking weed out of a bong and had white powder on his nose.  REALLY?  Todd are you THAT BAD OFF.

This movie gets 4 Thumbs DOWN from my family and was a waste of my time and gas to get there.



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