The Perfect Husband Is…


The Perfect Husband Is…
A husband who loves his wife and the entire world knows it.

A husband who understands that an apology and CHANGING makes all the difference.

A man who understands that he doesn’t get to do something stupid and then decide his wife should be over it when it is convenient for him.

A Man who understands generational curses and realizes that if his family suffered due to the breakdown of it’s HEAD leaving, he needs to be prepared to fight daily (hourly) for the success of his family.

A Man who realizes he may have done things  in his past that were out of God’s order but TODAY he knows he is just ONE decision away from being “the same old guy he was before.” This ability to see the EDGE of destruction is sometimes what prevents going over.

Functional with his children…Without his Wife, but realizes that it is his WIFE who has coached him to this functional point.

A husband who understands daughters and sons are different and must be loved in a way to bring out their gifts and the Father plays a huge role in facilitating this process. So the Perfect Husband understands that he must be in tune with his children and not just his employment or sports, in order for this to happen.

A husband who understands that a question comes across with a more subtle delivery than just making a statement.

A husband who knows he can’t make it on his own. He understands the “Lone Ranger Syndrome” leads to “Self-Destruction”

A husband who ask his wife during a casual conversation…6 months prior… “What is your idea of the Perfect Mothers Day? Or Birthday?

A man who reads and finds literature that will both challenge him and elevate his thinking.

A man who studies his wife and realizes that she is not just changing but evolving.

A man who delivers on his promises to his children.

A husband who has a group of friends that will shut their lives down to save his marriage and he would do the same.

A husband who has friends who his wife can call when he is acting PRIDEFUL.

A man who is open and honest about his feelings and is willing to talk about what he does not do correctly and he tells his wife before he makes the wrong decision.

A man who understands that counseling works and everyone needs it before and during marriage

A husband who is not afraid to admit  HE IS NOT PERFECT,  but he is…



What can you add to the Perfect Husband List?


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