Crossing over to ELITE FITNESS!!


Those of you who follow my wife and I via the Big 2 social media outlets know that she is a HUGE workout guru (Twitter: @fit40four) and I (Twitter: @iamoffdachain), on the other hand, am still hanging on to the fact that I ran track and played football on the collegiate level as a means to demonstrate my CURRENT fitness level.  I also will throw in how I was a spin instructor, even though I have not taught a class in 3-4 years…or so (5).

I mean I am moving….every now and then but not as much as she is and my challenge is finding just the thing to GET & KEEP me coming back and eventually achieve my weight loss, muscle building, body fat reducing, goals.

You guys know I like to put myself out there so you are able to look in the mirror, because none of us will make it to fitness heaven on the backs of our spouses.

Now, I am not as lazy as some because I did run a marathon last month(26.2) and have at least done the first week or two of P90X and Insanity.  I know many of you can identify with the 2nd half of the last sentence.

The question is what does the workout have to look like in order for us to FINISH THE DRILL?

I believe it needs to combine an individual workout with a team component that will help you exceed all your fitness goals and present you with daily challenges which will bring about IMMEDIATE RESULTS.  It is not found in a regular gym where the knowledge of the fitness professional is suspect and everyone is fighting over parking spaces during the time when that ONE instructor is not on vacation.  The workout has to be one that is going to take me to a level where I am  on a more ELITE LEVEL of fitness than my wife and takes all my excuses for working out away because it can be done on my lunch break.  It takes us all the way to the edge in sometimes only 20 minutes. The environment discusses ALL the challenges with my eating and presents me with educated options to consider like The Paleo Diet, which is actually a eating regimen.  The educated coaches are instructing me on what to fuel my body with before and after my workout to reach my maximum potential and they actually are doing what they are telling me to do and LOOK LIKE IT!

The workout is CROSSFIT  and the location is CrossfitICONZ!

My wife and I have completed our MUST HAVE Foundational Classes and I actually did all classes with her…UGH! (Not really trying to work out with her…Not trying to work THAT hard, but maybe I will finish as the champion.)

We will blog our journey to ELITE FITNESS with CrossfitICONZ and allow you to see how the WOD (Workout of the Day) changes DAILY to keep things fresh and exciting on our path.

Wish US luck!!



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