Not JUST another BABY!!!












A child is born….

And this is not JUST another BABY!!

I woke up and opened my computer to a Facebook picture of two of the most wonderful children I have ever met hovering over their only minutes old baby sister.  I immediately became filled with emotions and began to cry….I mean a hard cry.  Tears that only come once in a while, and in this case, for a wonderful reason.  Though there are children born every second somewhere in the world it is not often that children get to be born to such a wonderful set of Parents, as this family.  I have been able to sit back and watch this family raise their oldest son and now middle daughter and this new young sweetheart is in the best of company.

This was an awesome way to start my day and I just want to say CONGRATULATIONS TO THE PARENTS and the Papparazzi brother and sister.  I just hope they have many more children to bless this world and you might want to save this post, because I promise you…




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