How tanning can get you thrown in jail for stealing an iPhone! (Part 2)











I immediately told her that I had tracked a cell phone belonging to my wife to this location.

Her mouth dropped WIDE OPEN before she realized it and she immediately attempted to clean up her look and said, “There was not a cell phone in the bag sir.”  I asked her if there were kids in the car and she replied, “Yes.”

I told her she may want to speak with them because at this moment I am attempting to give her some grace and thinking she may not even know that someone in the car with her had the phone.

She went to check the trunk of her car and I watched her as she opened every bag that was in her trunk.  And this was approximately 8 different bags and found nothing there. She then walked back to the hair salon and before she could enter a young boy about 9 walked out. Behind him were two young girls around the ages of 10 & 8.  She asked them if they knew anything about a iPhone and they all replied, “No.”

I then asked her was there anyone else in the car and she said, Only my boyfriend but I already took him home.


I waited for her to close the trunk and took a picture of her license plate.  She asked me, “What are you doing?” I said, “Taking a picture of your license plate.”

If you are reading this, You already know me.  Smart as they come…She was getting her first taste.

I told her I was not going to do a song and dance with her and walked away to call the police.

I called the Henry county police and gave them my location, why I was there and her tag number.  They told me if she attempted to leave that I would need to call them and point them in her direction. Do not attempt to stop her.  Sound familiar?

After I finished my call the young lady approached me and was handing me her cell phone to speak to someone.  I asked who it was and she responded, “My boyfriend.”

I took the phone and spoke to him.  He stated that he had found the phone on the ground at Six Flags and it was “ALL BUSTED UP.”

I told him that was fine because there was a Verizon store across the parking lot and his girlfriend could walk over and just purchase a new iPhone and I would be on my way.

He responded, “We don’t have money for that.”

I handed the phone back to girly and told her, “You two need to speak so you can get your story straight before the police get here.”

“Why did you call the police?” she stated and I responded, “Because I am not trying to play this game with you all night.”

She turned and went back into the hair salon.  She returned with a mature woman with a very nice hair cut.  A minute later I found this to be her mother.  She was explaining the situation…As she saw it…to her mother.  I allowed her to finish her presentation and of course she was making me look like THE BIG BAD WOLF.

When she wrapped up I walked up and introduced myself and told her mom that I was not irrational at all in my thinking.  I told her that my wife had her cell phone stolen from Six Flags and I tracked it to this location.

The young lady interrupted me and said, “My boyfriend only took your phone because he was going to return it to the Sprint Store.” Then she said, “The phone works fine.”

I then pulled out my phone and showed her mother the 5 text messages I had sent to the phone that were never returned and stated, “If the intent was to return the phone, why were these messages ignored?” And I walked over to my truck to wait for the police.

Finally, the Henry County police were on the scene and the case of the stolen cell phone was going to be resolved without any other issues….

or so we thought..

So I walked up to the officer in an effort to  introduce myself and went to shake his hand. He looked at me like I was the biggest, nastiest, slimiest person on the face of the earth.  I will just say this.  He was a WM and he made me feel like I was in Georgia and not Washington DC.

It has not happened much but it does happen and this was THE WORST I HAVE FELT IN A LONG TIME and I was TOTALLY UPSET.  I believe he was hoping he could cater to the young lady with the nice tan standing next to me.

The police officer looked at me and said, “I don’t shake hands!”

To which I replied, “I totally understand.”

I made my best attempt to move past this situation and tell myself that maybe he was a person with a germ phobia.  (even though I knew it was more than that…It was the venom in his eyes)His delivery was horrible.

I began to tell him why I called and made sure to stick to the facts and he cut me off in the middle of my sentence.  I began speaking again and he cut me off again.  I then told the officer that I was the person who placed the call and I was going to need him to allow me to tell him why he was called and he needed to allow me to finish my statement.

He replied, “I don’t need you to tell me what to do!” And he got that stance thing going on like he was going to come at me like I was the problem of the evening.

I immediately took my phone asked him for his name and his superior officers name to document.  His name was J. Palmer and his superior officers name was Gibbs.  I told him that I would no longer speak to him and I needed his superior officer on the scene. “Right Away.”

His entire facial expression changed in that moment and he began apologizing and said, “I’m sorry we got off on the wrong foot.”

Without saying a word, I walked away and went back to my truck to wait for the superior and pulled my phone out to begin typing my complaint on the officer.

You can blame Henry County for there being a Part 3!!



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  1. Mike I’m so proud of how you handled that. It’s ashame that as a teacher I try to educate my students that the police are there to help whenever you need it, but it turns out that it sometimes depends on what race you are whether you’ll get the help that should automatically be given. Sad.

  2. Ughhhh I can’t stand cops like that. They assume since you’re a black male, they can talk to you any kind of way and you won’t have any better sense to know how to handle the situation aside from just letting him feel all powerful and helping out what he assumes to be an innocent white girl. Barry has so many stories about being treated poorly by the police. Anyway, I know that wasn’t necessarily the main idea of the post but that got my blood boiling. SO GLAD you checked his attitude!

    Part THREEEEEE are you kidding me?!

    Kat Robertson

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