Give your kids a week off!!!


My oldest daughter cleans the kitchen and I am not happy with the job she does.  We make homemade popcorn and she has a habit of leaving the pot unwashed. She sweeps and it doesn’t look like it.  She doesn’t take the time to move every single item on the counter top and wipe underneath. I mean we have two bread makers a juicer and a mixer and they never get moved.  She likes to use the dishwasher when there are not enough dishes to even start the thing.  So with all of this, I have decided to give her the week off.


I can do it better, but I also realized that maybe I have never really demonstrated what I mean by clean the kitchen.  Maybe I have just been barking orders and they mean nothing to a young lady who just turned 11.  I mean I have been spitting orders her way for about 4 years but I am not sure if I ever took the time to SHOW HER WHAT IT MEANS TO CLEAN THE KITCHEN.

So this week she is off duty and I am on duty.  I have her come by and check out my work and see why the chairs should be put up when you want to sweep.  She does hate when I call her and have her do inspections with me but she will know what I need from her and no yelling will be necessary.  If the kitchen does not sparkle after this week she will receive consequences and I will be sure the message was clear and I delivered.

So I hope she is enjoying her week off…

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  1. If this is a picture of your kitchen, I am in envy! Mine is about a sixth the size of yours… man, that must be nice.
    In regards to your post, keep pluggin’ away; she’ll get it. It just takes a little time.

    • Not my exact kitchen but it’s big with an island in the middle and what I learned from my wife is a homeschool family home gets used during the day. So my expectations of my home looking perfect came from my childhood of comI g home to a place that no one had touched since I left. Thanks for the push. We will keep
      Plugging and we will get there.

      • Our home certainly does get used. I have had to adjust to the fact that our kids do need play time and so the house will look disheveled while they are at it. The key for me is knowing that, given a five minute notice, my kids are awesome about having the house to rights again. The house is in fact clean, it just needs to be straightened.
        You’ll get there! It just takes time and patience. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. It’s the same story with my kid, except I have shown her over and over, and over again how to properly clean, vacuum, rinse and load the dishes in the dishwasher and do her laundry. She still believes if she does a mediocre job I will stop asking her. NOPE that is not going to happen. I will just make her do it twice. Like today she didn’t vacuum well the first time around so guess what, she had to do it all over again. Haste make waste I tell her.

    I think teaching kids to do well in all areas in so important to their later success in life.

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