The Original “Notorious”

The Original “Notorious”

What better way for college friends from the 80s to reunite than a Duran Duran concert! When my best friend/sorority sister from college told me she was coming to town for tomorrow’s concert at Chastain Park, I didn’t know that I would be going too! My friend is a HUGE fan and she has prepared me for all the fun, excitement,and singing that I can expect to experience.

Maybe I will dig up a Flashdance type shirt, leg warmers, bandana, and banana clip for the occasion…or not. I’m just looking forward to spending some time with my college girlfriends, reminiscing about the  ‘Good Ole Days’, with the soundtrack of our youth playing in the background.

Do you have a favorite Duran Duran song?






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We are a married couple of 2 with 4 beautiful, smart children, who after 15 years of marriage have decided to join the blog world with a blog that will allow us to present what may be considered to many to be offdachainandouttadabox as it pertains to the areas of marriage, parenting, finances and health & wellness. The offdachain husband will also, against the wishes of his wife, (hence off the chain) post on other subjects from time to time.

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  1. I love Duran Duran! My favorite songs are “Notorious”, “Hungry Like the Wolf” and “The Wild Boys”. I’m glad y’all had such a good time! I’ll bet it was a blast!

    • You never cease to amaze me. Your stretch is awesome and is one of the reasons you are one of my favorite bloggers on the planet!! Keep exposing your children with the energy that only you and a few others have and it will continue to elevate them. I’m glad our paths are crossing.


  2. “Rio!” Although, we’ve been showing our boys the Bond movies this summer and “View to a Kill” has been inching its way up! Hope you had a fabulous time!

    • If they would not have been on tour maybe Duran Duran could have ended the Olympic Closing Ceremony with “Rio” and handed the flag over. Missed opportunity.

      Thanks for stopping to pay us a visit and please stop by often,


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