My Adidas meets The Wild Boys


On Sunday, ODC and I celebrated 12 years of marriage and 28 years of knowing each other. We didn’t have any major plans, so when the opportunity to see Duran Duran at Chastain Park presented itself, we thought “why not”. Two of my closest friends from college had tickets, and 1 specifically came to town for the concert. They are true ‘fans’; this was not their first Duran Duran concert, ODC and I, well, we were a little less familiar with the iconic 80s band. We remembered many of the songs from our high school days, but we definitely didn’t know all the lyrics like my friends, or the rest of the crowd.

The show opened to a crowd of approximately 5000 with the techno sounding MNDR. She had a kinda Madonnaesque vibe, and her clothes were a great accent for the 80s themed night of music. Her song “Feed Me Diamonds” is currently being played on local radio stations in the Atlanta area.

I glanced around the crowd to get an idea of the demographics of the crowd. There were women with big, hair sprayed hair, mini skirts with bright colors, and fishnet stockings (did we really dress like that?). If was a family affair for some. On our row was what looked like a 40 something year old couple and their parents. A few rows in front of us a couple had their 2 young daughters with them. Sitting next to us was a young married couple who had won tickets to the show and the chance to go backstage to meet the band. They took a great picture with them! The wife mentioned that her mom was a big fan and wanted an autograph, yes, her MOM! I didn’t even want to know how old they were.

The crowd was ecstatic when Simon LeBon took the stage and got the party started. What followed was a string of hits with some of the band’s new material as well, including the title track “All You Need Is Now”. My friends were so patient with me. Every other song would start, and I would ask “Is this Rio?”, lol!

I surprised myself when realized that I knew more songs than I thought!

  • Hungry Like The Wolf
  • Notorious
  • Rio
  • The Reflex

I discovered “Save A Prayer”, that was a very nice song, one that I will add to my playlist.

Throughout the show, almost everyone was on their feet for the entire 2 hours! The only exception was people over the age of 65 and me when it got closer to my bedtime (9:30, don’t laugh!).

To see my friends enjoying themselves, singing ALL the lyrics, and making friends with the people next to us because of their musical connection was very inspiring. So often, we only do what we are familiar with, and are seldom motivated to try something new. Although in the 80s our radio dial stayed stuck on the stations that played Run DMC, I wish we would have traveled down the FM dial to broaden our horizons, but I’m glad we are learning how to step ‘outta da box’ and experience the universal language called music.


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