“Call me if you need anything.”







The weekend started with a phone call while on 285 just before traveling through spaghetti junction.  On the phone was a friend of mine who I have known since before I married the pretty lady that shares this blog with me.  It was a friend that I had always wanted to be closer with but us always living several states over coupled with many long hours for the both of us at work, it has never worked out that way.  I actually was thinking about my mother and how brave she was to have cancelled her surgery at Duke University Hospital.  A surgery where she was to receive a heart pump that would buy her some quality of life while she waited on a donated heart to complete a transfer.  She told the doctor that she would rather wait on the heart transfer and only have to go through one surgery.  Just as this was sinking in my friends call came through.  He immediately asked, “How is your mom doing?”

I replied, “She is being a tough cookie.”  I updated him on the latest information and he mentioned how he was pretty happy the current surgery was not still a go.  I asked. “Why?”  He then shocked me and told me, “Because I want you to be here when your mom has her surgery and my wife and I have decided that we would like to pay for your travel expenses as our gift to your family.”

I was driving and was glad I was because it was the only thing that stopped me from fainting.

Can you say……RIGHT ON TIME!! Taking off from work is one thing, but taking off and then having to pay for travel is another issue.  I don’t think he realized how much this gesture meant to my family.  My family was already forever connected to his before this gesture and regardless of the miles between us he felt a need and did not call to say, “Call me if you need anything.”




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  1. I love this story. I have a friend that always says that when you tell someone something – I.e “I am moving on Saturday”. And they reply with “Let me know how I can help” they usually have no interest in doing so. Your friend but actions to words. Love it. Ps – what is your mom’s first name. I would love to pray for her.

    • Thanks Robyn and your friend is Correctamundo! (Didn’t J.J. say that?)

      My moms name is Emma and we appreciate all prayers. I will post another post today as it is the next part that will give more insight into how she is doing. Thanks for stopping!


  2. Michael,

    When I read your post I started crying…. I am sitting here thinking to myself, ” That’s is what you call LOVE. That’s a friend.” I just wanted to remind you about a time you blessed my family in a very similar way.

    Let’s see, it must have been summer ’04 and I was in California visiting my sweet Nana Berry. Sweet Sia Li AKA The Cinnamon Girl was six months old and Ra had just turned 4. Anyway, LaMont was working @ Whole Foods on P. St. and you were working for American Airline I believe. Now, it is important to note that I would be in California on July 24th which is our actual anniversary. The way LaMont told the story was that you stopped in the market as usual and you two had a conversation.

    The next thing I knew, it was the weekend and I am calling around for my husband I was trying to call my husband and couldn’t reach him. Then you know me Mike, I called e’erybody looking for LaMont. His buddy Gary let the cat out of the bag… “LaMont is on his way to Cali Renee!” I could not imagine he knew what he was talking about. We arrived back to my cousin’s house from the beach. I walk upstairs into the den and LaMont is standing right there!!!!!!!! I couldn’t not imagine how he worked that out. We were able to spend our anniversary together because of you. He told me that after the two of you talked you just pretty much were like, “Man, I got you!”
    He stayed for the weekend and it meant more to me than you could ever know Mike. You know no matter how long it’s been or how many miles separate us, we always LOVE you. My sweet sister friend Dawn had the foresight to choose an amazing man that understood then and now the importance BLACK LOVE and FAMILY.

    So, just wanted to bring you a Karmic reminder that all you and yours are receiving from the UNIVERSE and CREATOR are all that you deserve and more.

    We miss you more than you know. Please give bg kisses to your wife and your four amazing daughters.


    • OK! Now I am crying! You are wrong for that and yes I remember that. You deserved it and so did Lamont. Your children deserved to have their parents together on that day and every day.

      We live to love and always being connected to our First Marriage Group is something we truly cherish.


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