41 Minutes to a NEW MARRIAGE!


Marriages are taking a hit and we are always super honest with our readers.  This week has been rough in my home and I am not sure why marriages are going through such a tough time currently. I am receiving inbox messages on Facebook with prayer requests.  We are hearing about separations that are shocking and rocking us to the core.  There are close friends of ours that are losing sleep because of emergency visits to others, wonderful couples with beautiful children that are currently discussing divorce and a few that we have already lost to divorce.

What I have realized is my marriage has a global purpose and when we have these rough times it is a smoke screen to prevent  my wife and I from grasping something HUGE and sharing it with our community.  It is a distraction to make us believe that maybe this blog was created for fun and laughs only and not to change and impact the lives of those around us.

Well we made it through the smoke screen and I would like to share what I would like to call the ‘Crossfit of Marriage’. What I am about to share with you will challenge all your marriage muscles in one workout and you will be done in less than an hour.   This information packs such a punch that it left me in tears when I first viewed it.  It is a series that you should catch but if you know you will only watch one portion, that is okay.  I have given you that one video.   If you have a spouse who will only sit still for one, here it is.  This is for the Non-Christian or the Christian.  Enough already!!  I present to you:

41 Minutes to a new marriage!!



p.s. Special thanks to Andy Stanley and family of www.buckheadchurch.org.  We also are enjoying his book Principals of the Path.


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