4 children is “TOO MANY”!!


Today my youngest daughter went VIRAL!!! Well, as viral as anyone in our house has ever gone.  American Idol finalist, Mandisa, posted a video that my wife(@fit40four) tweeted to her, on her Facebook page.  The video was my 2 year olds rendition of Mandisa’s “Good Morning.” I was able to read through the over 75 comments, from people who I don’t know and may never meet.  There were so many wonderful comments about how cute, adorable and precious my daughter, who is singing a Christian song, was to these complete strangers. These kind words were great to read and actually brought tears to my eyes as I thought of a time when I thought “4 children is TOO MANY!”

Today I just move out of His way and accept as many blessings as He wants me to have.

Squeeze your little ones and give them a kiss on the forehead as this time will be gone in a blink.



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  1. I thought so too…until I looked in my husband’s eyes and saw his deep desire for that many. So while I am losing my mind and hustling so much I fall asleep anywhere it’s quiet, next year we will move add the 4th member to our clan. Because I know that is God’s will to be.

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