I’m Black…A registered Democrat…and I’m Undecided






With President Barack Obama set to take the stage at the 2012 Democratic National Convention in the capital of my home state, Charlotte, North Carolina, I have a confession to make.  Well, I actually have two.  1. I never liked or thought Raleigh should be the capital and  2. I am undecided about who to vote for in the Presidential Election.

My challenge is that I have a favorite phrase, “What are you basing that on?”

And if I am going to live by this I need to be able to tell people the answer to my own ‘tag line’.

An answer which I am not sure about myself…

Why am I not sure?  Because, unlike several others I have spoken to, I actually am researching the platforms of the candidates.  So before you get all up in arms and call me a sellout make sure you know the platforms of each for yourself.

I keep thinking about the teachings in the Singles Ministry at church.  Where they teach the Singles to make a list of their deal breakers before they meet someone  that is cute and get all caught up.  Someone that qualifies as having a deal breaker quality.

So my question is am I supposed to vote for a person who is Democrat just because he is Democrat?

I know. I know.  The Republicans vote for Republicans JUST because they are Republicans!

Or am I supposed to vote for a person because he is Black and he can make history again?

I know. I know.  White people vote for white people…JUST BECAUSE.

Should I vote for the guy who has been treated like THE N-WORD by the millions since taking office for redemption for Trayvon Martin and those that came before him?

Or should I vote for the person who has the beliefs that most closely resembles the mission & vision of my family?

Thus I am  Black, registered Democrat and undecided.  I also struggled with not voting at all, but don’t worry. I will vote.  Too many died for my right to do that and I will not let those that came before me down.

Can’t wait to hear the speech because I do know one thing.  There was already one Obama that has already given a speech worth earning votes and I will keep the rest of my thoughts about her arms to myself.



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  1. Please consider Republicans didn’t just vote Republican and whites didn’t just vote for whites in 2008 or President Obama would have lost big.

    Vote your Family, Faith, and Conscience and let others cut Americans into identity groups.

  2. Ok. I read the column, and I don’t see your point, yet. I hope there is a Part 2. I will say this: I am a registered Democrat, and have ALWAYS been above voting the straight ticket. I have voted for Republicans before (not for President of the United States) but on the local level that impacts me more directly. In those instances, it was because that particular candidate had the better plan/policy/vision than the Democrat.

    As far as this election, I am pretty clear on who the better candidate is for this time in our country: Obama. Sure, he may not have accomplished all that he set out to in his first term. Most of that can be attributed to a Republican-led Congress that was dead-set against supporting him out of the gate; some of it was too ambitious. The mess he inherited in 2008 took nearly a decade to accumulate; surely, it cannot be cleaned up in four years.

    You’ve got 61 days to figure it out.

    • There is not a Part 2. I am sorry this did not connect for you, but when you said voting for the best candidate for the country a ‘light’ went off for me. I don’t really think I’m thinking further than the mission and vision of those under this roof.

  3. Glad you are researching and deciding to make an informed decision. Too many vote along party lines and many people believe Obama is being voted in my blacks just because he is black. I wish everyone would vote and vote based on objectivity.
    On a side note, due to the fact that it is Romney on the other side I don’t see much research you need to do, (that’s my two cents), LOL!

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