“Bragging on my Boo” THE LAUNCH




My Stay-at-home wife, that never stays home…..so I am still seeking to coin a name for this type of woman that I have…has inspired me to create a series on our blog titled, “Bragging on my Boo.” This series will give me an opportunity to give the words of affirmation(See www.5lovelanguages.com for more understanding) that she has been deserving for sometime.  And the need for a series is evident.  She is constantly finding her next, THING…most of the time while still fighting to win her last BIG CHALLENGE!

I am not really sure my wife understands how excited I am to be married to such a wonderful, WONDER WOMAN. (That is what a nurse that watched her give birth with NO MEDICATION called her, which is amazing considering this nurse had been watching the birthing process for over 15 years).

Today she is going to depart for Charlotte, North Carolina…well really, it is actually Huntersville, but who is keeping track of that.  You already know I am a big Charlotte fan and have renamed it the capital of the state.  (Just waiting on legislation to pass it now)

She is headed to tackle her NEXT BIG THING! www.ramblingroseevents.com.  A sprint Triathlon that starts with a 250 yard swim, moves to the 9 mile bike ride (on my 11 year old’s bike) and finishes with a 2 mile run.

The amazing part to this event’s story is not even that we can not currently bite off the price of a new road bike, with the super skinny tires, and she is having to use my daughter’s childrens/mountain bike, with the super NON-SKINNY tires, from Toys R Us, but the fact that she is over 40 (Twitter handle: @fit40four ) and when doing a Triathlon started coming out of her mouth…………………..


Of course now this makes me laugh and brings to mind the chapter titled, “Can you swim?” in the book How to be Black by (Twitter handle: @baratunde )

My wonderful wife, who like many in the AA community, attended pool parties in college, but did not get in the pool (unless you were thrown in by the football players). I don’t even think she wore a swimsuit to those parties.

She took her first swimming lesson only 6 years ago at the age of 36.  Did I just tell my wife’s age on an internet forum that will last forever and always tell her age?  Well, she has the password and can edit this part if she wishes.

I don’t believe in this class she learned too much but I give her credit for becoming part of the ELITE AA community.  Now once she decided to step up her game and do this triathlon thingy, she had to get on the internet and find the best of the best in swimming.  I am hearing splashing in the bed and wondering “What now?”.  She is up all night watching videos on Total Immersion. Now she is going from not knowing how to swim to learning how to swim like a fish.  She even had a Total Immersion swim coach come to our community pool and give her a private lesson, while I videotaped on her iPhone.  Yes the one that we recovered in the other blog post.  Yeah Baby!!!


So now all I hear all night is bodies slicing through water and she has me watching the videos and learning how to swim using this technique and considering a triathlon.  Well, first we are doing the ING Miami Marathon 2013 in Jan.  I tell you what.  If you are single and want to know how to select a wife that has discipline and will be a wonderful wife and mother, you may want to check out her work ethic.  I did not say you have to get her a job to do this.

But if she gets up at 4:30am 6 days a week for years and is always willing to challenge herself and needs no one else to motivate her and is a leader and moves from a 5k to a 10k to a half-marathon to a sprint-TRI to a marathon to…….

Geesh! I just heard her on the phone talking IRON GIRL.

Thank God I wont have to do that one….

I need a break.

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  1. This is GREAT!!! I’m so excited for her! I remember when she posted something on fb about doing a triathlon. I did my first one 4 months after having my son; scared out of this world because I felt that I did not train as well as I could have, but none the less I did it and completed it under the time I wanted. She gives me hope and I know I need to continue and find my next THING. Go Dawn for being an awesome wife, mother, and athlete, and go Mike for continuing to give her what she needs..words of affirmation! Love yall!!

    • Words of affirmation are not actually her Love Language, but it never hurts to pass a few good ones ous. She has created her own Love Language. #6=Quality Time ALONE!!!! HaHa! But I tell her that she inspires me daily on so many different levels.

      Thanks for your comment and maybe we can get the families to do one together.

      Looking forward to it!


      • I love her new love language! I am cracking up! Doing a race together, nope! Don’t think Zay is trying to hear it; seriously our schedules are crazy! I go to the gym at 6 am because there is really no other time, and I only got in the pool 2 times this summer–that’s pathetic. No wonder I didn’t do a triathlon this summer. Dawn has me beat big team, but I realize some things I just don’t have a desire to do… lol. Anywho, I am SOOOO proud of her!

  2. Three observations – 1. Your boo ROCKS! 2. Any woman who is blessed to be a stay-at-home mom must have a boo who ROCKS as well, so give yourself credit. 3. I am amazed at the conquering swimming thing. I had a friend to do the same. Not only did she not know how to swim this year when she signed up, she was terrified of the water. She was dead last out the water and it took her over and hour to swim .62. But to watch her cross the finish line was emotional. Your wife and women like Quana (my friend above) inspire me to do more. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Please ask Dawn to start a blog for homeschool mamas who want to be fit like her. I don’t have the discipline to get up at 4:30 a.m. 6 days a week and I need some inspiration!!!!!!

  4. Awesome! Had no idea she couldn’t swim at first! I’m so PROUD of her! I knew Renee couldn’t. I would have been in the same boat with them. …maybe next year. LOL *Setting a private goal.*

    Imagine and Inspire,

    Tammy (McGarity) von Nordheim 404.456.2033

    Model ✰ Actress ✰ Speaker ✰ Host http://www.TammyMcgarity.com Event Planner http://www.ExecutiveEvents.ws VOTED ONE OF ATLANTA’S MOST INFLUENTIAL EVENT PLANNERS 2010 BY OCCASIONS MAGAZINE! http://www.linkedin.com/in/tammyvonnordheim Luxury Style Personal Shopper Make your own personal statement!

    • Oh We are very serious about her inability to swim and even fear of the water. If you start now you can be ready by race time. Don’t wait until 4 months prior to start. Oh, BTW, your goal is no longer private. I am going to post that you are going to do a Triathlon all over Facebook!!! hehehe!

      Thanks for stopping,

      ODC 🙂

  5. your WIFE rocks,YOU rock, and the LOVE and RESPECT and SUPPORT that you give each other ROCKS BIG TIME!!! Thank You for giving us a peek into something BEAUTIFUL. go get emDawn!!!

  6. I just started getting into fitness about 5 months ago and am already addicted but I aspire to be doing half of what Dawn is doing in 10 years when I hit 40. If I am, I’ll be doing good. She’s amazing 🙂 Mental Note: Hook up with Mrs. ODC and let her rub off on me a li’l bit …

    Kat @ iHeart7.com

    • Haha! Oh Kat we are watching you and I am soo proud of how you are doing. You guys are to close to us for us not to hook up more. After you finish football season maybe we can do Stone Mountain!! My wife always says 40 is the new 20, BUT ONLY IF WE WORK TO MAKE IT THAT WAY!!


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