Bragging on my Boo…THE SERIES: “This is why I came!”


Congratulations to ODB for completely smashing her first sprint triathlon!!

If she allows me, I will post the video of her crossing the finish line on my Facebook page.   People don’t normally cross the finish line looking that good and happy after a triathlon.

But how would I know?…I guess it sounded good.

I just wanted to share that my wife dealt with lots of fear and anxiety about not only still learning how to swim over the last 3-4 months but having to accomplish this portion of her triathlon in 17 feet of water.


So during the Ramblin Rose Sprint triathlon there was a bridge in the middle of the pool and all the athletes were required to walk across the entire pool to arrive at their starting point.  This gave my wife a chance to see 17 feet from above for way to long of a time.  The part that is worth bragging about is she found that one side of the pool was much better than expected and only 6 ft, while the other side was the dreaded 17 feet!!!! The great part is they gave each athlete the option of which depth they would rather complete their swim.

My wife responded, “17 Feet! This is why I came!”  “I need to face it.”

Anyone who participated in these events were winners but it’s the stories behind the scenes that really get you motivated and just pull tears from your eyes.

My wife inspires me to accept all challenges regardless of how deep the waters look…….. and to be great this is what must happen.

And  I realize…….THIS IS WHY I CAME!

Thanks Boo!



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