The 9 year old that changed my family…






“Congratulations.  I am proud of you too!”

This was the portion of the conversation I overheard while my 8 year old was on the phone when I arrived home.  I got that parent look on my face.

You know the one….lips pulled together, forehead wrinkled up and looking at the person in the room next to her that could tell me what was actually going on.  So her big sister tells me that she is on the phone with a friend who inspired her to pursue acting.

The only challenge is my daughter had never acted before.  Oh and the challenge gets even better.  This acting also requires that you sing.

You see, last December my family traveled to take in a professional play in Atlanta called Madeline’s Christmas.  A play that my 8 year old daughter said what most kids, and actually adults, have said when leaving something that moves them.

“I want to do something like that.”

My wife responded to my daughter by simply telling her, “You can do anything you want if you are willing to put in the work.” “They worked hard and have lots of days/nights of practice to get to this point.”

So later my daughter came back to my wife and ask for help in working on becoming an actor.  My wife found a few websites with monologues and started printing them and having my daughters practice learning the scripts and filming themselves.  They actually created a homeschooling class.

So the phone call was a result of my daughter calling her friend who inspired her to ‘break a leg.’  They both have made the professional performance play for this Holiday season and will be given the task of inspiring others and living out their dreams at the same time.

I actually got a chance to speak to the beautiful, energetic 9 year old from the other family before my daughter hung up and told her thanks.  She had no idea that her actions at such a young age could possibly change the entire scope of our family.

And done that it has, because my 2 year old is now saying she is going to act in the movies.

Oh Boy! Here we Go!

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