Keys to being a Good Husband: Key #2 Do IT before you are asked!









You all should remember my post about the 7 things I can do to INSTANTLY become SEXY to my wife.  If you missed it, please check it out but this key places us back in the same neighborhood.  So if you are having challenges in a certain area then you want to really concentrate and focus on this key.  We must remember as we are going about our life as a husband that the successful marriages and families are those where serving is at the forefront.  And as husbands, we must first fulfill our roles and responsibilities.  In order to achieve those, we must first conduct dialogue with our wife and determine our agreed upon roles in the family.  Now some of these are defined before our existence on this earth and there is a guidebook to assist with the SET IN STONE ROLES.  The challenges in marriage come when we make the choice to begin to write our own book and live by terms like, “Whatever works for them” or “To each his own.”

Once we have sought wisdom and guidance on our roles and we know what they are we must make it a point to perform and not wait for our Mother WIFE to continue to ask us to stop watching the football game and perform these roles.  When we do IT before we are asked we begin to resemble a MAN who is the head of his own family not a BOY who misses being a part of the previous family where he was still growing up.

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