Keys to being a Good Husband: Key #3: Realize differences between WIFE & mother.










This seems to be a huge challenge for some, as the age many men are waiting to get married continues to increase.  In my opinion, this is an issue that can be  sometimes brought on by the actions of the mother.  If she does not want to allow her son to be a man and the leader of his new family, but wants him to still be her little, “Johnny.” There should always be a level of respect for your mother but we all must realize that our wives were raised by different parents and under different circumstances and those factors are always going to yield much different results.  Not BAD just different.  So I suggest that you and your wife learn to sit and have dialogue over some of these differences when you come across a few and discuss how you each see these.

Please do not say, “Why don’t I have my mom come stay with us for a while to show you how to (insert said task)?”

I have learned that sometimes I have to present WHAT NOT TO DO…when talking to us men.

In order to be successful, us husbands have to realize there were at least 3, 475 reasons you married the woman of YOUR CHOICE and my advice would be to get over this hurdle early in your marriage so your wife is totally secure in her position and your mother is as well.  Once this is done it will be smooth sailing.  I promise.

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