How do we save our boys??


Boy Swinging from Tree

Earlier today I attended a church service that involved the baptism of about 17 individuals. The 17 included adults, teenagers and pre-teens. Surprisingly enough there were several men in the group and that alone was unusual, but quite refreshing to see. There were a few young men that caught my eye today and I believe their stories can give us a few tools to possibly help save our young boys.
I was lucky enough to sit directly behind a young man named Clifton who was one of those baptised on this day and noticed he had such a pleasant demeanor and attitude. He was accompanied to the service by what I believed to be his mother and grandmother. I did not verify this personal information but was sure there were no men in his party. Clifton looked to be between 8 & 10 years old.
There was another gentleman who caught my attention and his name was Trebreyon and he was accompanied by his father, mother, 2 aunts and 2 male cousins ages 19 & 16. Though I did not verify the spelling of his name I did verify the members of his family and the ages of the young male family members.
These two young men, Clifton and Trebreyon, are 5-7 years apart but both carry such an innocence about them. I watched Clifton as he was starting to become cold during the service after being dunked in the baptismal pool. He leaned over and whispered to his mother and she allowed him to lay comfortably under her arm. But it is not uncommon for a young boy near 8-10 to still have his innocence and even with his support system not including any men on this day…..I WILL BE PRAYING FOR LITTLE CLIFTON. THAT HE DOESN’T GET CAUGHT HAVING TO BE “THE MAN’ BEFORE TIME BECAUSE OF A LACK OF A MALE PRESENCE.
Mr. Trebreyon, on the other hand, was outside in the lobby after service and had no idea that I was watching him. He was a little bored with the adult conversation that takes place after church services and made his way over to a window. A window that had a lip just above what his outstretched arms could reach. He stood there…looked up…and decided he would not allow the window to conquer him. So he reached up and was able to just get his fingers over the lip and pull himself up. Now this is a teenager around 14 and this church service takes place in a school and it is not going to fall down or anything. So those of you wondering that…take a deep breath. But what I noticed was a teenager who was still holding on to his innocence. When I was that age, I would have been more concerned with girls and what they were doing. In church or not! If we really keep it all the way REAL! So being the father of 4 beautiful young ladies, it was an awesome experience to see that Mr. Trebreyon’s support system is spending the time to cultivate a young man who is concerned more with the business of God and not the streets. His innocence parallel that of Clifton, who was 5 years his junior. I was able to speak to his parents after service and tell them.




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