Dear Wife, Just in case you thought I forgot…



With Mother’s Day just passing the thought came over me, I wonder if OTB really knows how much she means to me as a wife. I am sure if just based off my actions…she doesn’t. So I have decided to recommit myself to showing her. The smartphone is a wonderful tool and it has the ability to schedule recurring reminders that tell me to send my wife a creative note that will make her smile or just feel appreciated.

Maybe one day I will send one at JUST THE RIGHT TIME…

To save one of my daughters from get THAT LOOK! Or turn her day around…Just When She Needs It!

Great…That is what I will do. I will make the effort to find creative ways to express to my wife 3-5 times a day how much she means to me and our family. That there is no way possible this ship would float without her steering it away from the rocks when I am not paying attention.

As a husband I really need my wife and I believe that she needs to hear how sometimes her greatness is taken for granted…

It only happens because you have been great for so long. We only met the summer before high school…I’m Sayin!

So this is a small note to say that just in case you thought I forgot….

I didn’t.

I didn’t forget all those times when you held me up via a long distance phone call…(without touching me)

I didn’t forget how all those times I was having a rough day all I needed to do was hear your voice.

I didn’t forget how you supported me when no one else did…not even my family.

Because you knew and you trusted Him to keep His word.

And He did and you did and your obedience will be forever rewarded.

So thanks and I love you! And I will continue to tell you all day, every day.

Just in case you thought I forgot.



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