Where in the world is ODC & ODB?



If you have been wondering where we have been you are not alone.

 Someone said they knew my wife was in town but no one had seen her…Kinda like Jason Bourne!

Don’t worry I have been keeping notes in my journal and Man this blog will be SLAMMED with post from today until the end of the year with UNBELIEVABLE stories from “The Little House on the Block”

I will give you two BIG ones to cut your teeth on, but you have to wait for the blog post to get the specifics.

1. We have relocated from the Atlanta area to The District of Columbia…(Proper)

2. The entire family was cast and shot a commercial/documentary for Skype, which was purchased by Microsoft over the period of a week.  

So you will all get to meet us on a more intimate level very soon.

……And I am telling you.

The last 3 months in our home has been so exciting that all my daughters will actually share their first blog post within the next 2 weeks.

God is AWESOME!!

Stay tuned!!!



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  1. Congrats on the successful move! I’m impressed by anyone that can keep their sanctification during a move of any distance, but to hear about God working so many great things out of a cross-country move amazes and bewilders me!
    -Peter from the Bridge

  2. Actually, Logan did her post. The other two chickened out and the commercial/documentary got pushed back so I am saving the posts until a date closer to the release.

    But I do have good news. I have lots to talk about so my wife gave me permission to blog everyday.

    Yep, I will be on here or my new site (don’t worry I will direct you when the time is right) every day at least one post per day…

    So feel free to check back daily, because I really miss you guys and my journal is BUSTING at the seams!


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