Bad/Good Customer Service Series…


Paying with Debit Card


Well here goes…

I have always wanted to do this and today is the day.  My wife and I have talked about starting a site where everyone can share their customer service stories and keep it ALL THE WAY REAL!!!

REAL because no one is financially sponsoring this blog but God and HE loves good customer service too.

So feel free to share your stories here and let the entire world know who has great customer service/horrible customer service and let’s show merchants the power of #sociamedia.

So I just moved to Washington DC and THIS is my biggest issue with DC and has already happened twice this week.

I am a big pay cash guy but I have gotten caught with my cash down and needed to use my debit card for purchases under $5 and the cashier told me the minimum purchase was $5 and I said, “Does Visa know you are telling people that?”

I just walked out.

You either want my form of payment or you don’t want my business.  I am not buying more of what I don’t need because you don’t want to pay Visa.  (You signed a contract saying you will take their cards…)

Once I was filling up my suburban at the same time the cashier was telling me this mess.  I immediately ran to the truck and stopped the pump and will NEVER, EVER go back.

Then there was the carry out place that told me they were only taking cash at the present time but had an ATM machine that only charged $2.50.

“Are you CRAZY?”

If every single person who ran into this mess walked out people would stop trying this.  So hopefully enough people will read this and will stop or I will just keep walking out…or not know it happens by keeping cash on me.

Well…that ain’t happening.




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  1. I get the minimum debit card requirement and cash only options but both should be posted prominently so that customers can make their decisions pre-purchase.

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