$100 is too much to play high school football!!




In Fairfax County, Virginia the school system is contemplating charging kids $100 to play scholastic sports and it is causing…


MY RESPONSE:  Is there also a frenzy about IPHONES and JORDANS? (something every single one of these kids has already)


What are your thoughts?  Am I tripping? Because it cost $700 to play pop warner in some states!


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  1. We pay $50 per sport with a $150 family cap at my school. It seems reasonable to me. $100 seems high to me. I agree with you about iPods and shoes but not all athletes have those things. If they offer concessions for athletes on reduced lunch (like my school does) then I think it’s fair.

    • I was thinking about you and coach as I was typing this!!! Thanks for your input. I think you are very fair but I still think the athlete should be required to work and earn the money during summer months to pay for what they want to play, but I get what you are saying.

      Thanks for being who you are and always adding value !


  2. I support the $100 fee. If I was a member of the FCPS school board, then I’d even consider raising it to $150-$200. Like another commenter said, the athlete should be required to work and earn the money during summer months. They can even put in weekends during the school year for a few hours.

    The school can even hire the kids to do janitorial work instead of paying a full salary to a janitor. The kids can do lawncare at the school instead of paying a full time groundskeeper. etc.

    So the school would not only save money by charging a fee for sports, but they are also saving money by having kids do jobs at the school instead of paying adults to do them.

    And THIS would also prepare them for COLLEGE. Many college students have “work study” programs where they work and go to school.

    If they implemented this in the child’s younger years, then it won’t be as much of a CULTURE SHOCK when they have to work while going to college.

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