Yoga has changed my life!!!


1259691923-hatha-yogaSo I have been going to a spin class every Monday morning for the last 4-5 weeks and I really enjoy the instructor.

The class is awesome and that is not a surprise because the gym is the number one gym in Washington, DC and has been forever. has several champion and Olympic medalist instructors and the spin class has got to be good to be full at 5:30am, but what really makes this class special is that it has a 2nd half Yoga component.

A component that I have been missing for about the last several weeks because I have been opting to run the 2 miles home in an effort to get ready for work.

When the reality is I could stay and still make it home in time for work.

So my wife challenged me to try the 2nd half of the Revolution Class (1st half is Revolution Cycle) and I am hooked.

I will not say that I had every move down but I will say that I felt welcomed, enjoyed it, was challenged and it started my week off with GREAT ENERGY!

I have always told people that everyone needs a meditation exercise….

Now I get a chance to follow my own advice and reap the benefits physically and mentally.

I challenge you to join me.




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