We are a married couple of 2, with a group of beautiful children of 4, who moved from DC to the Atlanta area. Our blog presents the journey of not following the status quo. We do our best to make informed/educated decisions and “because that’s how it’s always been” are fighting words for us! We parent intentionally and are constantly challenging ourselves & others to dig deeper and truly find out what’s BEST for our community, finances, children and marriage. (even though the community around us does not always want to admit anything is wrong…and most times are challenged when ODC tells them to “OWN YOUR CHOICES”)

For speaking engagements and other correspondence, please contact us at Offdachainandouttadabox@gmail.com


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  1. Hey – i can’t seem to comment on your mamavation post. there isn’t a box there!

    Maybe you have comments off? Anyway, yeah, it’s hard to balance the kids, husband, job, mommyhood, need for exercise, goals…etc.

    I think you need to do it though. It’s only a couple of months. You’ll be happier once you accomplish it, your kids will see you work hard for something and complete it. Perhaps you could make a lesson plan about your running so they have some part of it?

  2. Thanks for the vote of support on Twitter! And congrats on having your last child at 40. I wanted to visit your blog and find out more about you. I was sad also reading about a mother who wanted to miscarry. If she only knew. So many women are desperate to have a child.
    Given mission, I wonder if you’d consider supporting and blogging about a new campaign I’ll be launching in the run up to Mother’s Day?
    It’s entitled A Child After 40 and is intended to raise more awareness about the issues faced by 40+ moms and provide an info and resource page. It will also offer 40+ women wishing to become moms a chance to celebrate their wish and pay it forward to other women with the same dream.
    Info is at Twitter at: @AChildAfter40 and from http://www.flowerpowermom.com from 21st March. Please let me know if I can answer any questions or provide more info for your blog.
    Kind thanks for all the work you do in supporting women.

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