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Movie Review: I saw a MUST SEE MOVIE and you should too!”



I was lucky enough to get a pair of screening tickets to a movie BEFORE it hit theaters.  The good thing is it is currently out and now you don’t have to wait.

I mean it is GOOD!

I would say it deals with most the issues in the world today.

Single Mother issues

Sexual Abuse/Molestation

Drug addictions

A Father you never hear mentioned the entire movie.

Young Black Men vs. School Testing scores.

Young Black Men with artistic abilities who do not get a chance to pursue their dreams because no one is listening.

How a Young Black Man can be ignored.

How a Young Black Men get treated differently.

How a Small Young Korean Man is welcomed everywhere.

Why we should teach our children to say, “Yes, SIr and Maam and No Sir and Maam.

And…Life in the City.

I saw how this young man was made to feel some of what I am still getting thrown at me in my 40’s.  Please do not allow this movie opportunity to pass you by.

It is a wonderful movie for Parents, Educators, and All Races and is sure to spark several very valuable SOCIAL CONVERSATIONS.

Go see The Inevitable Defeat of Mister & Pete so we can discuss how you feel about the movie.


Have you seen the movie?  If so, what are your thoughts?


Open Letter to Couples Shacking Up: She/He is not going to marry you!


This is an open letter/special report in response to the  alarming statistics that 68% of AA children are born into Single Parent households. This is an alarming number that becomes crippling when we add that 54% of these children will not graduate from high school.  I had the hardest time trying to swallow these number when they were announced some time ago because my wonderful mom was a Single/Divorced Parent for many years and she has a 100% college graduation rate in her home with two children.


She graduated from college! She went back to school and worked at the same time and her children were able to see her do this while not getting much sleep and leaning on her family and friends for support. She realized early in life that your children are going to model your behavior. She had to go through a season in her life where her children and family were most important.

So today I have come to present an Open Letter…and a very short one at that…maybe the shortest in Open Letter History. (if anyone is tracking let me know, because my wife—NOT ME—is a stickler for the rules)

If you are shacking up…defined-1. as living with each other and not being married, 2. place where you have a side of the closet and you are not paying rent 3. the house where you are answering the phone but not getting mail 4. a place where you can park your car so it will not get repossessed and it is actually NOT inconvenient

The person you are shacking with….IS NOT GOING TO MARRY YOU!


People marry those they respect and they would not be shacking with you and playing family and having their children play family if they respected you.

And don’t think because you happen to be shacking and don’t have children that you are exempt.  You have less baggage and the person you are shacking with respects you even less than the person with the children.  They have NO EXCUSE why you are not married.

It has nothing to do with the economy!

Do you think he/she would be screaming that if the woman were Halle Berry (I know she wouldn’t because she likes getting married) or Idris for the ladies?

NOPE!  They would run to the justice of the peace and get that paper and work everything else out later.

I am just saying that this shacking mess is hurting our children and community. These numbers are not correct.  These children are actually being born to households with two adults but one is taking responsibility for the children.

The other one is just being “THE MILK MAN.” (If that went over your head, simple call your Grandfather and he will clear it up for you)

I am tired of the breakdown of the family happening right before our eyes and no one speaking out about it.

So I will.

So today I challenge you to prove your children are most important.

I challenge you to prove it with your actions.

I challenge you to make your home a family environment where your children can feel loved and feel you are being loved.  An environment where they can get the best attention and education, graduate from high school, start a business or pursue a higher education.

So for those of you who love reality shows:



“March Madness Blogging Series”