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Movie Review: I saw a MUST SEE MOVIE and you should too!”



I was lucky enough to get a pair of screening tickets to a movie BEFORE it hit theaters.  The good thing is it is currently out and now you don’t have to wait.

I mean it is GOOD!

I would say it deals with most the issues in the world today.

Single Mother issues

Sexual Abuse/Molestation

Drug addictions

A Father you never hear mentioned the entire movie.

Young Black Men vs. School Testing scores.

Young Black Men with artistic abilities who do not get a chance to pursue their dreams because no one is listening.

How a Young Black Man can be ignored.

How a Young Black Men get treated differently.

How a Small Young Korean Man is welcomed everywhere.

Why we should teach our children to say, “Yes, SIr and Maam and No Sir and Maam.

And…Life in the City.

I saw how this young man was made to feel some of what I am still getting thrown at me in my 40’s.  Please do not allow this movie opportunity to pass you by.

It is a wonderful movie for Parents, Educators, and All Races and is sure to spark several very valuable SOCIAL CONVERSATIONS.

Go see The Inevitable Defeat of Mister & Pete so we can discuss how you feel about the movie.


Have you seen the movie?  If so, what are your thoughts?